Posted by on April 19, 2016

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If you’ve thought you have had a rough night out in the past, allow Ameria’s new music video to put that into perspective for you. Watch as a guy gets thrown out of a bar for being too drunk, and the Hungarian songstress steals a cop car, gets in a car chase, has a drug deal go wrong, and a minor shootout with the police. And if that isn’t really enough of a selling point for you, maybe her stealing a dog and tossing it in the back seat of the cop car will win you over. Maybe not? Either way, though, her lush vocals alone are enough to win anyone over. Just to be safe, let’s just say that you should not try any of this at home.

Progressive House | Kara – Dream Catcher (Massive Vibes Remix)

Posted by on June 24, 2013


It takes a special type of song to lure me away from my incognito window just to watch the waveform move along but this song did just that. Massive Vibes are a duo out of Hungary who I’ve been keeping an eye on for a while now and I have always thought they had the potential to make a great song. They recently took to remix duties on Kara’s “Dream Catcher” and they did it wonderfully. They used a simple, yet catchy melody that fits perfectly alongside the excellent vocals. This is their best work yet.

Free Download:  Kara – Dream Catcher (Massive Vibes Remix)  4/5  HOTTTTT