Glitch | CloZee – Gotta Get Some Sleep

Posted by on January 6, 2014

I can’t remember if I’ve ever posted a glitch track, but what better day than my birthday to try something new?  I couldn’t be happier I found it today since, as some of you know, Chicago is dangerously cold right now and we could use a distraction. “Gotta Get Some Sleep” by CloZee is fun, bouncy, and has a great mood to it. The horns and bass are funky and fresh. I’ve been following CloZee for a few years now, and she always impresses me. The slow section around 3:10 is a cool surprise so look out for that! This song is free on Bandcamp along with a lot of other sweet songs on the “Whompadelic Trip” album.


Free Download: CloZee – Gotta Get Some Sleep

Albums, Progressive House, Review, Trance | BT – A Song Across Wires (Album Review)

Posted by on August 22, 2013

BT - A Song Across WiresBT is not a producer you can put in a box and say he is trance or ambient or glitch, he is all of those things and so much more, so much more. He is one of the pillars of trance with his album “Ima” back in 1994 that helped shape the trance sound that become what so many love and yearn for today. As a classically trained musician, getting his degree from Berklee College of Music, BT when he isn’t producing some of the most critically acclaimed pieces of electronic music, he is scoring movies like Monsters Inc and Fast & Furious (just the first one). His pieces take you on musical journeys, notably his more ambient stuff, like “This Binary Universe”. He is also a great programmer and computer geek that led him to develop the stutter edit that is being used by everybody, and I mean everybody.

One cannot praise BT enough because he does it the right way, has worked incredibly hard to get where he is today, and did not get it cheap, in one case had to sell his car to finish the full project for “This Binary Universe” (2006). He is also a great guy (we got to sit down with him for an interview, coming soon) and he is brilliant.

His 9th artist album is strong departure from the rest of his material, going strictly for music that is accessible in clubs and festivals. It is interesting to hear his interpretation on modern dance music because of BT’s background in music and his strength in composition. With much of mainstream dance music becoming stale, an innovator like BT trying his hat at a more danceable sound is a relief because you know it will be something new and hopefully inspiring to others.

Beatport | iTunes


Preview, Trance | BT, Orjan Nilsen & Dash Berlin Release Album Previews

Posted by on August 5, 2013

Orjan Nilsen - No Saint Out Of Me Album
BT has been one of the most prolific trance (though his sound has evolved) producers over the past 10-15 years, not only making music for others (Paul Oakenfold is one name) and collaborating with countless artists, but also releasing 8 full length albums. “A Song Across The Wire” is his 9th album, where we see some of his latest singles and his progressive trance sound, but also a venture into dubstep. It will be released August 16th. Pre-order on iTunes or at Armada shop.

Orjan Nilsen has been a staple of the trance scene for years now, releasing some of the biggest tracks in trance. His album wlll try and take his ability to make monster singles and create one cohesive journey that trance is so adept at doing. It will be released August 30th, 2 weeks after BT’s album. Pre-order on iTunes at Armada shop.

Ok, the Dash Berlin album preview is a bit misleading because he is just releasing a deluxe edition of #musicislife, but there is a whole second CD filled with mostly new remixes, 2 new singles (though one was recently released) and some live video. The deluxe version will be released August 23rd, one week after BT’s album so get ready for some outstanding trance on Fridays this month. Pre-order on iTunes or at Armada shop. Previews and tracklistings for each of the albums is after the jump.



Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Glitch | Kursa – SDBN EP

Posted by on July 30, 2013

Kursa - SDBM EPSev and I have been watching Kursa closely this year. He has been uploading some the dirtiest previews to his Soundcloud for months now and finally we get to share a release with everyone. Listening to the preview of “SDBN” did it no justice, Kursa set this sweet baby up to rock your world through a full play only. The track opens strong, taking that Neuro bass straight through your ears to the pleasure center of your brain. “Just A Glitch” is a funky Glitch-Hop/Neuro blended track, exercising its name to the fullest degree. This has to be my favorite track on this two track behemoth of an EP. The second drop just owns face in terms of glitch tracks, there just isn’t any track that comes to mind that could trump this tune. Kursa’s “SDBN” EP is out now through Caliber Music.


Beatport: Kursa – SDBN EP

Glitch | Haywyre – Synergy [ASPW #8]

Posted by on July 29, 2013

Haywyre’s single “Synergy” was released today to Monstercat and I was given the pleasure of posting it for all of your ears. This glitch track, the eighth installment of Haywyre’s “A Song Per Week” project, is precisely crafted and an intriguing listen. Starting off with some of Haywyre’s impressive piano skills, it then takes a sudden turn into exciting glitch hop. Both the first minute of calming piano and remaining three minutes of glitchy bass are fantastic.


Beatport: Haywyre – Synergy

Albums, Review | Pretty Lights – A Color Map of the Sun

Posted by on July 3, 2013



There’s no beating around the block here that Pretty Lights’ latest album, A Color Map of the Sun falls nothing short of a masterpiece. This album is less about unveiling new music than it is showcasing years of hard work and artistic innovation atop the highest, most deserving pedestal. I am firm believer in the theory that if you apply yourself beyond all measures, then you will be rewarded in double the amount. Derek Vincent Smith has turned a vision he had in 2011 into a reality and even without the prior fame or promotions, or limited designed t-shirts and vinyl records, the craft that went into this album can stand alone and is almost as astounding as the actual songs produced. I could sit here and rave about it for a while, although many already have (and in a much more poetic manner), so I’m going to jump straight to the music.




Remember the first time you heard Pretty Lights? Remember how blown away you were, and then how intrigued you were, and then how you fell in love with every single one of his songs right after that? Well this album is like that. Every time you play it. Seriously. ACMOTS is the epitome of everything you ever loved about Pretty Lights and more. There’s the dark, twisted songs that strike a deep, artistic and angst-y chord deep down (“So Bright”), the happy songs that sound the way watching moving clouds feels (“Yellow Bird”), and then the bangers that knock you on your ass when you hear them live (“Let’s Get Busy” and “Prophet”).

Most importantly, there’s the standout track that brings music lovers of all types together with an inspirational line we can all sing along to, with enough instrumental breaks to give us a chance to dance along and appreciate the track before the next chorus arises: step down, “Finally Moving,” and allow me to introduce to you, “Around the Block (feat. Talib Kweli).”

Lastly, there’s what separates good artists from great ones and that’s experimentation. Songs like “Vibe Vendetta” and “One Day They’ll Know” offer curious electronic sounds and stylistic choices that aren’t textbook Pretty Lights tracks and are successful for that reason. Look, Pretty Lights made a niche in the music world and with tracks like these, he proves this niche has no boundaries and infinite possibilities.




I don’t want to take away from Smith’s spotlight about he produced, recorded, and then remixed every track on the album (creating some sort of mind bending Pretty Lights inception-collage), but I think this gives way to a much greater issue at hand: the direction of EDM. Electronic music was headed to a questionable place to which we were all wondering: will we ever be able to bring it back? There has since been a pivot, seen most notably with the return of Daft Punk, that is slowly weeding out the producers, subgenres, and other manipulative players in the game that wanted the right things for all the wrong reasons. Smith’s creative process is commendable, artistically speaking, but also for the reason of being a role model and demonstrating to the infinitely ranging (in size and age) audience of EDM that success is built upon passion, perseverance, and inner confidence. Music, namely electronic, is no longer a trend, a song you rip from YouTube because your friend told you it was cool. It is returning to its roots a respectable art, and the most delectable art at that.

I encourage you to download (but really, if you can, purchase) and appreciate ACMOTS for the thousands of reasons that it’s worth.

At times I feel, like a literal color map of the sun, Pretty Lights has the power to see things in life that us mere mortals cannot. Listen, you’ll see what I mean.

Download A Color Map of the Sun

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