Bass, Electro | Ghost Hunna – Look Out!

Posted by on September 24, 2013

ghost hunna - look out

Ghost Hunna’s Gucci is so flossy and his broads are all so bossy, the perfect combination for a spastic new song (I think). Featured on Fresh New Tracks about a month ago for the ambient-house production, “Talkin’ That“, Hunna has returned with a totally new and bass-heavy medley. “Look Out!” begins with a deep-rooted bassline, but slowly unravels out in to the ‘Spazz House’ party track that we were promised. And, although some of the components of the song can get slightly repetitive, the track is a repository of enough different sounds to keep it incredibly entertaining.

A +1 must also be award for proper integration of Zelda gameplay sounds. Ghost Hunna has slowly, but surely begun to kill the game, a realization which is hard to deny. Grab the free download below and be sure to give him a shout on Twitter!