Hip-Hop | Foreign Beggars Ft. Skinnyman & DVS – Hold On (Maksim Edition)

Posted by on March 28, 2013

Foreign Beggars ft Skinnyman & DVS - Hold On (Maksim Edition)Miksim is one of the hottest MCs in the UK, spitting over Hip-Hop, Grime, and even Dubstep and its many sub-genres. He has done a lot of work with great producers such as Culprate, Document One, Quartus Saul, and many others. This is a great track for him to have picked to rap over. Foreign Beggars have always had verse friendly beats that have been successfully redone by many. Maksim comes in like boss, spitting a flow flawlessly to the kicks and snare. Definitely on of my favorites of his now.


Free Download: Foreign Beggars Ft. Skinnyman & DVS – Hold On (Maksim Edition)

Dubstep | Foreign Beggars Ft. Skrillex – “Still Getting It” (Zomboy Remix Firex Edit)

Posted by on August 16, 2011

The joke going around is that we now know who stole Skrillex’s laptop, haha. Zomboy is destroying dubstep right now. This track is from Zomboy’s “Never Say Die Vol. 13” mix, Firex didn’t do much but make the track longer. For that sir we thank you. Zomboy is going to get huge fast, make sure you jump on it like the rest of us by checking him out on FACEBOOK.

DOWNLOAD: Foreign Beggars Ft. Skrillex – Still Getting It (Zomboy Remix Firex Edit)

Electro | Foreign Beggars Ft. Skrillex, Tim Mason, John Dahlback, Funkagenda & Adam K.

Posted by on June 6, 2011


Watch the video and you will see why you have to go see Avicii on the 10th with FNT. Now onto the music.

Here is the final version of Foreign Beggars Ft. Skrillex – Still Getting It, released on their EP today. It is a must have, so just go ahead and download it.
DOWNLOAD: Foreign Beggars Ft. Skrillex – Still Getting It GET THIS

The Where Them Girls At remix package was released today and the Tim Mason remix was the only new one on there. He sort of ignores the original song but makes a massive remix.
DOWNLOAD: David Guetta feat. Flo Rida – Where Them Girls At (Tim Mason Remix)

John Dahlback does it again and comes back with this hard hitting banger.
DOWNLOAD: John Dahlback – Are You Nervous

Funkagenda & Adam K. come together to create Drift with pumping bass and melodic synths that carry you through the builds and drops.
DOWNLOAD: Funkagenda & Adam K – Drift (Original Club Mix) BOMB


Dubstep | Foreign Beggars Ft. Skrillex – “Still Gettin It”

Posted by on May 11, 2011

These Skrillex tracks have been pouring out lately. Word has it that this isn’t the full version, but it’s sick nonetheless.
DOWNLOAD: Foreign Beggars Ft. Skrillex – Still Gettin It

You’ve probably heard a low quality version of this track. It leaked a few weeks ago under the name Equinox.

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – First Of The Year