Electro-House | Wolfgang Gartner – Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind EP

Posted by on July 30, 2012

After a weekend of nonstop action at Identity Festival, Wolfgang Gartner got down to business this morning and dropped a two-track EP on Beatport. My initial reaction to Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind is a resounding mehhhh; there are no big, infectious melodies a la “Redline,” “Flexx” or the inimitable “Illmerica” here, and while that’s not automatically a bad thing, the clean, simple and repetitive game has been played to more kinetic and spectacular effect elsewhere (ex: Afrojack’s “Pop On Acid;” Wolfgang’s own “Space Junk”). Maybe it’s just that I’m aggressively not feeling the whiny loop at the beginning of “Girl on Boy” (can’t help but think that Alvin Risk would have done something better there) but these tracks just don’t seem to go anywhere that interesting. But who knows, maybe they’ll wind up being awesome live. We shall see, I guess. Check out the EP and let us know what you think.

Beatport: Wolfgang Gartner – Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind EP

Electro-House | Wolfgang Gartner – Flexx

Posted by on June 13, 2012

Coming off of his mind blowing set at Starscape (review coming soon), Wolfgang Garter has released a new single that was one of the peak moments of his set on Saturday. “Flexx” brings us back to the Wolfgang Gartner sound we know so well with his incredible production skill after the melodic “Redline“. “Flexx” gives us that hard hitting bass line, an alternating synth lead and a guitar melody that sets the tone for the track. Chopped vocal bits add to the flavor of the track with various intricate synth layers. “Flexx” is yet another quality track to add to your collection from Wolfgang Garter as he shows no sign of slowing down and that 2012 may be his best year yet.

Wolfgang Gartner – Flexx – Beatport Link