News | Playy App Provides Platform For Music Fans & Artists To Deeply Connect

Posted by on February 18, 2016


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When I first laid my hands on Playy. I was skeptical. Apps aimed at the dance market and/or the loyalist/hyper-social music fan demo are a dime a dozen.Yet, Playy app is the opposite of such criticisms. Playy offers a series of tools that create a win-win scenario for all players involved, while providing higher than average content on socials. Here’s the logistics, the app allows you to use music from Playy’s ever-growing catalog to capture real time moments, essentially making a montage of sorts while using artists music legally. Yet, Playy goes much further than this. Their well-designed and fully-functional software allows you to capture various parts of the song, utilize editing tools, rotate the order of created clips in real-time, while adding finishing touches and effects. Once finished, your video is posted to your profile and feed. Where friends – and the artist of the song you used – are notified and can view, enjoy, and share. Imagine it like a Snapchat and Facebook combined with awesome theme song inserts that both artists and friends can be notified to see.

Download the app here.

News | Starts First Ever Subscription Box For Dance Music

Posted by on February 4, 2016

Facebook | Twitter | Website is a dance music subscription box that is curated to the interests of multiple fan groups within the scene. Essentially, you input your gender and select a box suited to your interest, and FestiCrates will send you a variety box of items to your door monthly, curated to you.

The boxes can be purchased month-to-month, or more long term. The longer you invest the larger discount you get.

At the same time, Festicrates has opened up a store where a large amount of accessories and clothing can be per-ordered.

Looks like orders on both fronts won’t be shipping until April, but the premise looks promising. Learn more about FestiCrates from their socials and video above.

Electro | DSK CHK Debuts “WIL” (What Is Love)

Posted by on February 9, 2014

wil admat 2
Recently debuted for a packed house on the final set of the infamous Groove Cruise 10 Year Anniversary, “WIL” brought the crowd to a roar. The SHM classic style chords mixed with nasty drop that bangs out on all cylinders has been teased now for quite awhile. DSK CHK intro’s a new protege only known as “Brink” and consistent with the DC packaging, there is little known about the artist in the cameo.

DSK CHK leaves us with a steaming hot trailer that would make 50 Shades of Grey look like a high school date. You MUST check this out, but warning, this is not work place friendly!
Check the trailer here:

Listen to the infamous Sunrise Closing set on Groove Cruise Miami 2014 here! Which will soon be available for free download so check back shortly!


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