Videos | Jon Bellion – Beautiful Mind Documentary

Posted by on February 24, 2014

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If you follow Jon Bellion and his music, you have a sense of his creative process and the work he puts into his craft.  So you hear the music and see the videos, but do you know the what goes on beneath the surface?  Who the masked faces are behind the sounds?  Who and what has influenced Bellion’s development and growth as an artist?  Chances are, you don’t.  I’m a huge fan of JB, but even I wasn’t familiar with many of the faces highlighted in this documentary.

It’s awesome to see an artist grow organically.  It’s even better when you actually SEE all of those who contribute, but don’t necessarily get the credit or face time.  This Beautiful Mind Documentary is a full feature look into the lives of all those bleeding their skills, emotions, and time into the music.  Take the time, learn, and follow the team (links below).  Tour dates coming soon. #VMG

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Free Download: Jon Bellion – The Separation [Album]

Hip-Hop | Lil Wayne – Public Service Announcement (30 min. Documentary?)

Posted by on October 8, 2011


Weezy just put out this documentary, if you will, of him venting out about a variety of things. Wanye discusses the recent passing of Steve Jobs and from that goes on to wonder if people will remember him for his greatness when he dies. He than goes on to say how syrup is part of southern culture and goes on to explain his point of view on the drink in a very creative way to say the least. Regardless of your thoughts on Lil Wayne the video above is a good watch if you’re trying to kill some time on this Saturday afternoon.

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Game – Brake Lights (Mixtape)

Posted by on August 3, 2010

Features Robin Thicke, Rick Ross, Akon, Nas, T.I., and more. Here are the highlights. If you’re a Game fan, you’ll want to download this. I still think he’s gone down hill since the Documentary.

Game- Phantom of the Opera
Game ft. T.I. & Robin Thicke- Pushin’ It
Game ft. Akon & Nas- Street Riders
Game ft. Snoop Dogg- Trading Places

Game- Brake Lights Mixtape