Chill | Trove’s “Revelry” A Soft Ride Through His Electronic World

Posted by on March 18, 2019

Trove has what hundred of artists want, millions of streams, a sound all his own, and a fanbase that both indie and major labels are interested in. With his EP upcoming, “Revelry” shines line on squeaky clean sound paired with a mixture of new wave/dance influence. The combination Trove pulls together on “Revelry” delivers an emotion all it’s own as strong production and songwriting collide on this one.

Trove plans to release a 4-track EP on label Disco:Wax partnered with Sony Records, after getting on the Spotify viral charts in Canada, France, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany a new leaf was turned for the artist as he turned heads in just a few short months with his music. Trove has achieved more than 30 million streams and even won a song-writing competition judged by Timbaland. The solo act is having success in the right areas as his career goes on an incline.

Chill | Richard Judge Electro-Pop Song Officially Releases “Lonely”

Posted by on March 12, 2018

Richard Judge shows off his talents this month with the release of “Lonely.” Featuring a spectacular contrast between somber lyrics and a bounce happy bassline, “Lonely” has all the makings of fast-streamed track. Experience a soulful journey as Judge himself explains that the piece was created from his experiences traveling as well as the ups and downs of fame. Coupled with this insightful story, the track is supported with strong rhythmic elements and vocals performed by the man himself transform itself to a powerful electronic dance track that blends and defies the genre. This balanced track is sure to find its way into your next party with its crisp vocals and addictive rhythm.

Chill | Refeci’s “Die Hard” A New Turn For The Solo Artist

Posted by on March 10, 2018

Another newcomer but with all the talent and skill of a longtime producer, Refeci released his most recent track “Die Hard,” featuring vocals by the soulful Emelie Cyreus. With elements of acoustic guitar blended with dance elements and catchy synth work, “Die Hard” is promised to be a huge success for the year of 2018.
With his first record signing at the age of 17, this Danish DJ and producer has shown tremendous growth and skill in the span of only a year with highly anticipated work to come in the near future. Refeci’s work is sure to grace everyone’s playlists and eagerly await his next masterpiece.


Chill, House | Nightcall’s “Let You Go” A Fresh Approach To Chill Sound

Posted by on January 14, 2018

After aiding in the production of hundred of records as co-producers and engineers, Nick Peters and Marcel Wenzel are ready to take center stage as the production duo Nightcall. Showcasing a veteran production savvy on their debut track “Let It Go”, Nightcall weaves together acoustic guitar plucks, piano chords, and energetic, yet subtle percussion hits. Smooth female vocals further compliment the song by adding energy and texture. Having spent many years helping other artists achieve their desired sound, “Let It Go” marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Nightcall and demonstrates their readiness for the limelight.