Hip-Hop, Videos | Jay Fresh- Just A Man (Video)

Posted by on December 13, 2011

Conception Crafters is like the Maybach Music of the blog world minus the matching chains and questionable ladyfriends. It’s no secret that Jay Fresh (and Conception Crafters) has been taking the blog world by storm as of late. However, who was the one that was riding for Jay Fresh in the very beginning? Me. Who was the one that predicted he would blow up? Me. Who’s the one who whips blogs like Rick Ross whips dope off the iPhone? Me. Alright, that last question was a little off topic.

This blog, however, isn’t about me or my love of Rick Ross, it’s about Jay Fresh. In lieu of his recent, “Delta Project” Jay releases another visual shot, edited, and colored by Chris Complete to keep the #freshheads at bay. The “Delta Project” has done so well that it’s allowed Jay to book four shows with Pretty Lights music artist Paper Diamond, Gramatik, Supervision, and Michal Menert. Somebody swag this man out. Even though Jay Fresh may be “just a man” I predict he’s well on his way to making serious noise in the coming months. Since I’m a nice guy, I’ve included the entire, “Delta Project” below if you missed it the first time. If you did miss it the first time, then shame on you. Connect with him on Facebook here.