Hip-Hop, Rap | Rockwell Knuckles – In For The Kill

Posted by on July 23, 2013


Glad I checked up on Rockwell Knuckles today, I’ve been meaning to share his music with you guys. I believe it’s been since ’09 that Rockwell has been featured on FNT with his dope track “Government Name,” and today we change that. The St Louis MC Rockwell Knuckles dropped a new track/video for his record “In For The Kill,” teaming up with Converse A/V to put this production together. Personally, it’s not my favorite track by the man, it’s not as upbeat as his regular work, though he still remains one of my favorite rappers, and I’m always excited to hear new records from him. Enjoy!

Throwback from Rockwell, but a must listen nonetheless, probably one of his freshest tracks.

Bandcamp: Rockwell Knuckles – Every Angle

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