Chill | Codeko Enlists The Talents Of Trevor Jackson On Upbeat Original “All Night”

Posted by on December 3, 2018

Beginning with atmospheric arpeggios, Codeko’s “All Night” kicks off with melancholic vibes further compounded by the lyrics delivered by Trevor Jackson. However, through the use of powerful synths and energetic percussion, Codeko sonically characterizes the strength to fight against the negativity. From start to finish, “All Night” possesses a rich array of emotions, igniting audiences all the same.

Codeko, also known as the classically trained, Cambridge graduate, Ed Clark, accumulated tens of millions of streams, topped several notable charts, and has performed at countless high-profile events. With the completion of his Masters of Science program behind him, the artist has focused all his energy on his craft, aiming to dominate in 2019.

Electronic | Codeko Delivers Electric Zoo’s Official Anthem “Walking With Lions”

Posted by on August 31, 2016

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Imagine walking through the gates of Electric Zoo: Wild Island to the sound of uplifting trumpets, building anticipation and as the excitement mounts it all explodes into a full energetic progressive house chorus. That’s the sound of EZoo’s new anthem ‘Walking With Lions’. Produced by rising Armada star Codeko, the anthem is a perfect balance of poignant lyricism and emotive energy that tells the story of New York’s biggest dance festival. The 20 year-old producer should be incredibly proud of the track he’s created.

“I am honored to have been selected to create this year’s Electric Zoo anthem,” Codeko says, “and can’t wait to drop it on the mainstage”

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