Chill | The XX- Fiction (DeltaFoxx Remix)

Posted by on January 31, 2013

The xx is my favorite band, hands down can’t beat it…well at the moment. I go through phases. With the amount of progressive house out there trying to pump me up and making my head have a migraine because I’m not rolling all the time, I need something to just be like “Hey, chill out, but don’t be a f**cking loser.” If you’re looking to not hate your life I suggest xx remixes. Can’t go wrong 9 times out of 9.


FREE Damn Good Download:  The xx – Fiction(DeltaFoxx Remix)

Electro-House | Bass Physics – Keep the Party Live

Posted by on December 12, 2012

If you need some funky electronic jams to chill out to this week, Bass Physics is your answer. This duo has been coming up quickly in Colorado playing with names such as Minnesota & Zion I, Radical Something, and Savoy (Feb 2013). These guys are producing some of the best funky electronic jams I’ve heard in a while. Sick electro-house accompanied by live guitar (think Big Gigantic but guitar), Bass Physics is sure to be a standout act soon. Grab the free downloads below and keep your eye out for more tracks by Bass Physics dropping soon.

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Chill, Hip-Hop | Jetpack Jones – Superficial (Prod. By Handbook)

Posted by on September 9, 2012

FNT favorite, Jetpack Jones, drops off his realest song to date in my humble opinion. Taking on the superficialness of the world, Jetpack does it in a creative, unique, and effortless way. The beat was crafted by UK native Handbook, and couldn’t do a better job of setting the tone for the song. The artwork, done by Eustace Francis, is elegant and beautiful, not being superficial…it’s actually really cool. Superficial is the first single off Jetpack’s upcoming FREE project, Jetpack Odyssey. Like his facebook page below, and chill out to this track on the first NFL Sunday while enjoying a nice adult drink.


Mashups | DOSVEC – 1979 Tipsy Kids

Posted by on April 10, 2012

In my opinion this was the hottest mashup off of DOSVEC’s ‘Quattro’ mixtape. As DOSVEC himself put it, you can party on the weekend to this or just chill out on your couch on an average weekday. Growing up I was a big Smashing Pumpkins fan, and who from our generation doesn’t know ‘Tipsy’ by heart. Foster of The People are thrown in for a little extra flavor, just an incredible mashup. This is a MUST HAVE.



Vocals = J-Kwon “Tipsy” / / / Foster The People “Pumped Up Kicks”

Instrumentals = Smashing Pumpkins “1979” (Slink Mix)

Hip-Hop | Gaines – Chill Out (Loud Remix)

Posted by on March 28, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Macadelic remixes have begun! This one comes from my man Gaines who put his own spin on Mac Miller’s “Loud”. It’s titled “Chill Out” and I’m really feeling this one, especially his sound on the hook. Gaines is someone who I’ve been showing a lot of support for since he approached me months back to promote his video for “Mental“. Since then, he’s been on his grind and dropped a dope video which featured Mod Sun called “Party“. If you’re diggin’ Gaines you can check out his previous videos after the jump!

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