Bass | You Will “Drift Away” Into The Stars With Trivecta’s New Original

Posted by on August 14, 2015

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Monstercat holds a roster spanning a vast amount of the dance music spectrum, however, many of their artists jump across genres with each release. Trivecta, a perfect example of one of these artists, has released both trance and dubstep on the label. Today, he puts his first house original out titled “Drift Away.” Keeping it enchanting yet effervescent with his introductory melody, Trivecta couldn’t go about a track without adding a little bass which he puts on overdrive with a heart-pounding pluck. Available for streaming above, buy your own copy here via Monstercat.

Dubstep | Trivecta – Ease My Soul ft. Charlotte Haining

Posted by on March 25, 2015

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I’m not going to lie. I still have a guilty pleasure for melodic dubstep. With Seven Lions and Adventure Club being the creme de la creme over the past couple years, the organization of a chaotic genre like dubstep just made total sense and it takes a lot of skill to produce a clean cut of the sound. Tampa-based Trivecta boasts his intricate stylings in his latest original “Ease My Soul.” He teams up with vocalist Charlotte Haining to lay down some elegant croons to balance out the flurry of synths and percussion he blasts into complete harmony. Snag the song on iTunes as this talent has just started his tidal wave of success. “Ease My Soul” is also available on Spotify.

Dubstep | Rameses B – I Need You (feat. Charlotte Haining)

Posted by on March 8, 2012

While I’m currently going through a seriously grimy DnB phase, I’m still a huge sucker for melodic, lyrical dubstep and it’s pretty much no secret. Adventure Club? Done. Blackmill? Yes please. Accordingly, I was very excited to come across “I Need You” this afternoon, as Rameses B absolutely nails the romantic side of the genre. The wistful, breathless vocals, raindrop-esque synths, and lush chord progressions make this beautiful track a must listen. “I Need You” is available for purchase on UK iTunes (chafey.) and some website I’ve never heard of called “Juno” that…well, at least looks legit. Check it out below.

PURCHASE (on Juno): Rameses B – I Need You (feat. Charlotte Haining)
Rameses B – I Need You ft. Charlotte Haining by Rameses B