Deep House | Galantis – Runaway [U&I] (DIMES Remix)

Posted by on December 5, 2014


You see, as bloggers, we receive submission after submission (and we DO read them all!) and once in a while we get a track that just makes us freeze in our seats. Meet DIMES. You don’t know him. This is his first release… I mean he’s barely got 20 followers on Soundcloud. Nonetheless, he’s got a level of confidence that’s evident in the quality of this track he pushed my way a few days ago. I give DIMES a 10/10. Hailing from sunny-side Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, DIMES takes us back to summer time with this tropical-inspired deep house fix. DIMES just made my ‘2015 To-Watch” list and after you get a taste of this, he’s guaranteed to make yours too. Enjoy this free download, and be on the lookout.

Progressive House | Steerner & Martell – Sky

Posted by on June 22, 2014

Steerner & Martell - Sky

When Usher and Young Jeezy joined forces in early 2008 to make the hit hip-hop classic, “Love In This Club”, the world was blown away. The melodic components of that song were what really had us hooked, similar to how the well known Steerner and the lesser known Martell hook us with their music. Martell is not as household a name as his fellow Swedish collaborator Steerner is, but if you have been following us for a little while and needed any more proof as to why FNT is one of the top 200ish music blogs in the U.S. and parts of southern Canada, we had been covering Martell for some time now, so you should be familiar. Big melodies and powerful drops are what these guys are known for and that is what this song consists of.

Free Download: Steerner & Martell – Sky

Progressive House | Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem – All Or Nothing

Posted by on June 9, 2014

Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem - All Or Nothing

Since it’s a Monday night and we’re all tired, as well as there not being any progressive house posted here in quite some time (4 hours), I thought I would finally get around to posting some progressive house. Somebody has to do it. This track came out a week ago but for a variety of reasons I didn’t feel compelled enough to post it. That was a mistake and actually quite selfish of me because it is a pretty good song. It is a collaboration between Swanson, an Australian producer who you should be familiar with if you have been following FNT for any significant length of time and Swede Dreams, a 15 and 18 year old duo from Edmonton, Canada. Even though Swede Dreams produce big room exclusively, this song is not at all big room and more along the lines of the usual progressive house sound that Swanson produces.

Free Download: Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem – All Or Nothing


Chill | Rook Milo – Outland

Posted by on January 31, 2014

Wow is all I have to say about this latest release by Rook Milo, “Outland,” a soulful r&b minimalist trap record incorporating samples by Eddie Kendricks. Stemming from Canada, Rook makes what he modestly calls, according to his Facebook page’s description, Canadian computer music. Not sure if it’s the cold up North that’s inspiring him to make such bone chilling tunes, but I’m with it. This is hands down a must listen! Look forward to more Rook Milo soon!

Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Electro, Trap | Pegboard Nerds – Bassline Kickin

Posted by on January 18, 2014

Bassline Kickin'Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Pegboard Nerds, the production duo from Norway, drop a heavy electro-bass trap influenced record “Bassline Kickin'” that’s going to get you going. If you’re enjoying that Saturday morning hang over get ready to be smacked in the face, or better yet kicked in the face by this bassline, no pun intended. The duo will be going  on tour in the US & Canada starting in February all the way through May, and you can check out their tour dates on their SoundCloud . The track is currently available on Beatport, so support, and DJs you’re going to want to include this one in you’re set! This is a must download and a must listen!

Beatport: Pegboard Nerds – Bassline Kickin

Mixtapes | Vice & Vision – Ctrl + Alt + Del

Posted by on December 18, 2013

Presented to me as “steaze from two steazy canadians”, here’s some really fresh hip hop for y’all getting sick of your day to day music. A duo from Edmonton, Canada, the two really know how to pick them. It was all in the instrumentals that really caught my attention, using beats from RJD2, Atu, Carmack, Vanilla, Moods & even more than that?!?! It was too good to be true. The mixtape features a unique array of songs, ranging from slappers to mellow-mooded melodies with original lyrics to reflect on. Download Ctrl + Alt + Del here for FREE.

Trap | Lenny Williams – Cause I Love You (J-Lah Remix)

Posted by on November 27, 2013

This is just the right amount of blend between original and remix that I’ve seen J-Lah accomplish in the past. Based out of Toronto, Canada, he’s been cooking up a storm for the perfect beats recently and I can’t seem to get enough of him.
P.S. There’s a free download with this mp3 so don’t hesitate to snag it!!!