Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electronic, Trap | Birdy Nam Nam – Jaded Future EP

Posted by on July 17, 2012

The highly anticipated Birdy Nam Nam EP “Jaded Future” has finally been released on OWSLA. Containing remixes from big names such as Skrillex, Foreign Beggars, Culprate, and more; this EP surely has something for everyone to listen to. What surprised me was how many trap-style remixes this EP contained. Birdy Nam Nam have been around for quite sometime, probably most well known for their outstanding live performances, which you can watch HERE.

As far as this well rounded EP goes, it is another must have for me. All the tracks and remixes sound completely different to one another with the perfect flow from track to track. If you played the Culprate remix and compared it to the original mix of Cadillac Dreams the only thing that would indicate they are the same track is the vocals, but other than that the two tracks have no similar indications. Of course everyone was waiting for the two remixes from Skrillex, which turned out to be better than expected in my opinion. The DnB remix was top quality, as expected from Skrillex, and the trap remix also was a very interesting take on the track. I have to say though although Skrillex and Culprate’s remixes were both exhilarating, Foreign Beggars remix was my favorite easily. Their hard hitting vocals mixed with the trap style instrumental came out to be perfection, but that is just my opinion. Grab the EP on Beatport HERE.


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