Electro-House, Featured, Preview | Roksonix – Music In Me (Doctor P Remix) [PREMIERE]

Posted by on December 14, 2012

Looks like we have quite the treat for everyone today. Circus Records has been kind enough to let us premiere Doctor Ps upcoming remix from the highly anticipated compilation EP, “The Shady Bunch,” featuring legends Funtcase, Cookie Monsta’, Roksonix, Flux Pavilion, and many more. Since the release of Roksonix’s impacting remix of Nero’s “Me & You,” and its feature on X-Factor’s Season 2 promotions, it felt like only a matter of time before some great producer was chosen to remix something of their’s. Could not have asked for a better person for the job.

Doctor P has always surprised me with his new work, especially with the stringed orchestral intro contained in this remix. Shocked and awed, I continued listening through this intriguing track only to find myself dancing to a most memorable electro-house twist of Roksonix and Doctor P’s styles. If I wasn’t extremely excited for the EP’s release already, I most definitely am now. Luckily we will not have to wait much longer for its December 16th release this coming Sunday. Until then, enjoy this first listen of this awesome tune.

Doctor P | Roksonix



“The Shady Bunch” EP Track List

Roksonix – Ready to Rumble

Mizuki – Damn F*#cking Right

Flux Pavilion & Skism Ft. Foreign Beggars – Jump Back (VIP Mix)

FuntCase – Ghosts

Roksonix – Music In Me (Doctor P Remix)

Cookie Monsta’ -LMFA… NO

Genetix – Chimneys

Brown & Gammon – Disco Music

*As part of Circus Across America, Doctor P has a few shows coming up after Christmas and a legendary New Year Eve event planned. If you are in the area, grab your tickets now before you miss the opportunity to catch the Circus crew dominate the U.S.

12/27- Atlanta (Wild Bill’s)- with Flux, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta’, and Brown & Gammon
12/28- Edmonton (Shaw Conference Center)- with Brown & Gammon
12/31- Seattle (WuMu Theater)- NYE with Funtcase
01/01- D.C. (Echo Stage)- w/ Flux Pavilion, Funtcase, Cookie Monsta’, and Brown & Gammon

Moombahton | Mr Mongoose’s Fantastic Weekend EP

Posted by on June 18, 2012

Sorry I have been letting Summer take the best of me these last few days, but no worries because I am about to unleash all hell on releases this week. I didn’t get the chance to post this last week before the shenanigans began, but it is definitely worth the post. Circus Records decided, to hell with it, if no major labels are gutsy enough to put out a Moombahton EP with well known artist, we are going to stand out and show them how it is done. And they easily delivered some sensational funky tunes. Doctor P and Flux were able to convince some of these artist who I could never imagine making a Moombahton track to do so. The master of the dirtiest darkest tunes, who even has two personas to separate his Deep Dubstep and Heavy Dubstep tunes, FuntCase/Haze, even took a stab at Moombahton. Personally that says a lot about Circus Records and the artist they work with. Trying to expand a newly growing genre as well as the boundaries for their artist. I won’t say that I personally thought all the tracks were amazing, but 501, Doctor P and Dillon Francis, as well as Brown & Gammon surely delivered. Don’t sleep on this exciting EP and get it on Beatport HERE.

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Albums, Dubstep, Electro | Kill The Noise – “Kill Kill Kill” EP

Posted by on November 22, 2011

Rumor’s were going around from artists that got this EP early, that it was going to be the best EDM EP of the year. That statement could not have prepared anyone for this beast. Forget Skrillex, this is definitely the top release OWLSA has had. Kill The Noise didn’t just rock out the dubstep on this one, the guy gives electro a whole new light with his tracks Deal With It and She Likes To Party. The EP also features some amazing remixes from Dillon Francis, Brown & Gammon, Alvin Risk, and KOAN Sound. I can’t even begin to start telling you my top tracks, this whole EP is freakin’ insane. Give it a listen yourself, its a revelation waiting to happen.



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