Preview, Progressive House | Bingo Staar – Dust Bowl Children (Lush & Simon Remix) [Preview]

Posted by on February 9, 2014

Bingo Staar - Dust Bowl Children (Lush & Simon Remix)

I am a little late with this preview, but Lush & Simon flex their melodic muscles once again with Bingo Staar’s country tinged tune “Dust Bowl Children”. There is no release date yet, but stay tuned for this one that has already been supported by the biggest DJs around. Coming up, the vocal mix of “City Of Lights” is on its way and they have a new single with Tom Swoon coming soon on Ultra Music, so be on the lookout for a preview that should be uploaded any day now.

Events | Above & Beyond Bring Group Therapy To Atlantic City

Posted by on February 7, 2014

above & beyond atlantic city
Still riding high from incredibly successful release of their stunning acoustic album, Above & Beyond came to the Tri-State area during Super Bowl weekend for a dose of Group Therapy at HQ Nightclub in Atlantic City. They have very few upcoming shows on the docket for this spring, so I knew that this one was a must attend, notably just after the acoustic album. I saw them in DC the weekend after they released Group Therapy, so this is becoming a tradition of mine to see them live after they release an album. I see no reason to stop. Stream the album below and read on for the rest of the review.


House, Trap | Wave Racer – Streamers

Posted by on February 5, 2014

Wave Racer
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Oh, hello there. You seemed to have caught me dancing. Well, that was embarrassing. Anyways, let me start this post off by saying the nostalgia is strong with this one. Waveracer is back with his new “Streamers” original that’s out on Future Classic February 7th. Listening to “Streamers” is the equivalent of trying to beat your high score on Flappy Bird while driving in a car on the way home from work… while on acid. It’s just plain nuts. Wave Racer. Streamers. Future Classic. February 7th. Flint-Michgan Mega Bowl… Flint-Michigan Mega Bowl!

PURCHASE: Wave Racer – Streamers


Hip-Hop, Reggae | Stephen Marley ft Melanie Fion – “No Cigarette Smoke” | Reggae

Posted by on February 8, 2011

I’m shocked no one mentioned the pitiful musical performances put on last night at the Super Bowl. I did not expect The Black Eyed Peas to butcher their popular songs so badly, but fortunately for them most peoples attention has been focused on Christina Aguilera’s disgraceful attempt to sing the National Anthem. I almost posted the video but it’s just too awkward for me to handle. Not only did she add way too much spice to the tune, she forgot several of the lines. Thankfully there weren’t like a ton of people watching Fox last night… At least I can say the Doritos video above helped soothe the pain – this was definitely my favorite commercial of the night.


DOWNLOAD: Stephen Marley ft Melanie Fion – No Cigarette Smoke

DOWNLOAD: Loggy – Bob Marley (Happy Birthday) — Our man Loggy is at it again

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain ft Chris Brown – Best Love Song