Future Trap | BONNIE X CLYDE Deliver On “So High,” Their Latest Instrumental Bass Trap Release

Posted by on June 3, 2019

“So High” embodies the ability to paint a picture without the use of lyrics and voice – the single marks a late-May release for the duo, coming off the rush of closing the Circuit Grounds stage Sunday night at EDCLV 2019 as well as tearing it up in Florida via Sunset Music Festival. To say these LA-based artists are busy is an understatement, their hustle is noted and they reap what they sew. “So High” showcases melodic and colorful synth work, an empowering, relevant beat, all stitched together by a 140BPM bass-influenced thread.

BONNIE X CLYDE are gradually nearing the house-hold name status – at least in the states – with their onslaught of festival and club dates, stacked release schedule, and content that seems to have no end. The ever-busy guy-girl duo exploded onto the scene in 2017 with a razzing amount of singles and EP’s focusing on future, trap, bass, as well as dabs of other genres. The brand is unmistakable and the sound continues to evolve positively, this one act to stay close with for years to come.

Chill | BONNIE X CLYDE Release Music Video For “The Good Life” on Ultra Music

Posted by on April 22, 2019

DJ duo BONNIE X CLYDE is virtually a household name was in the dance music community, their rise over the past two years being missed only by those living under rocks. Since kicking off the project, and working on music and shows, the duo have released tons of originals, remixes, and remix packs. Their busy tour schedule and constant dedication to be pushing the entertainment to a new level has kept him in the spotlight for sometime.

This month, they are taking steps in a new direction, after the release of a single on Ultra Music they have followed it up with a brand new music video. The video for “The Good Life“ aligns together artistic accolades and confident positivity to make something fun loving and chill.