Hip-Hop, Videos | Tourings Boring: Californication

Posted by on October 29, 2012

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After a long east coast leg of the Stud Nation Tour, the guys recharged their batteries (with a few beers) and took California by storm. The “catastrophic blowout” the guys experienced when they arrived didn’t hold them back from MILF’s, In-N-Out Burger, and Mike having his heart stolen. Check it out for yourself and follow the dream team below!

Mike | Fader | Kilmer | Blue

Hip-Hop, Videos | Tourings Boring: The Cleveland Circus

Posted by on October 21, 2012

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This weeks episode of Mike Stud’s “Tourings Boring” series captures the circus of a time they had while performing in Cleveland. Lets just say Mike downs at least half a bottle of Ciroc on stage.. and you have to watch to see what happened afterwards. Follow the dream team below.

PS- If you’re in the Iowa City, Madison or Minneapolis area and want to enter to win a pair of tickets to see Mike Stud perform live then enter this contest before 10/23!

Mike | Huey | Fader | Kilmer | Blue

Hip-Hop | Tourings Boring: Starting Line-up

Posted by on October 10, 2012

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Since we can’t have #SundayStudDay while Mike is on tour, he gives us the next best thing, the “Tourings Boring” series. It captures all the ridiculousness that happens during the Stud Nation Tour, through the eyes of the one and only Jon Kilmer. This weeks episode starts off with footage from Ithica, NY and features Mike’s DJ & Tour Manager, DJ Fader at his best. Check it out, pure comedy. Follow Mike and his dream team below!

Mike | Fader | Kilmer | Blue