Chill, House | Truth x Lies Forms Heart-Warming Remix Of “My Hands” by AYER

Posted by on November 6, 2016

From the vocals, to the deep house drop, to all the special effects that seemingly hit at just the right time: Truth x Lies have a ton right with this remix. From the first few seconds, a moment that includes a smooth fade and chimes rolling, “My Hands (Truth x Lies Remix)” takes off to be a tune you’ll quickly click “like” on.

Truth x Lies have around 5K followers on SoundCloud, they certainly made the right move when it came to the label they released “My Hands (Truth x Lies Remix)” on. Into The Wild Records boast 100K plays on nearly every release they have done, a feat that’s harder to achieve as SoundCloud makes the repost/exposure feature receive less and less reach. Into The Wild and Truth x Lies were a matach made in heaven here.

Deep House | TKDJS Spin Ayer’s ‘In MY Headphones’

Posted by on June 14, 2015


TKDJS are back, this time with a new remix that is about to get all up “in your headphones”. A follow up to their summer anthem “Don’t Leave”, TKDJS turn out an AYER remix treatment for a monstrous future house and bass bomb that will surely set dancefloors ablaze. TKDJS deliver haunting echoing vocals, distorted synth lines and cavernous kick bass that work perfectly atop AYER’s lyrical drama. So do yourself a favour and plug in some headphones.