FYI | Will.I.Am ft. Chris Brown “Let’s Go” Steals Mat Zo & Arty’s Rebound

Posted by on April 16, 2013

I was seriously debating on giving this song any pub at all because it deserves to be relegated to bottom of the music totem pole without anybody noticing. But that is the problem, nobody notices and nobody cares that such a great song from two of the best up and coming producers was so wantonly stolen by and his band of merry writers. But why this one, Pitbull “samples” songs all the time, Flo Rida the same, it is really nothing new in this climate of heavy sampling in modern pop music. But, when big money is tossed around to shut people up and the threat of big label lawyers coming down on a “small time” artist like Arty or Mat Zo, they are almost surely going to settle on this, instead of facing the reality of going after Interscope and all of their legal might.

Anjunabeats DID NOT clear the sample so there is a case against will if they want to fight him. Maybe it was another producer who snuck this one in there, but I really don’t see how a large sample like this could have snuck by everyone at such a large label on a release as big as this. They either felt they could get away with this, or thought they could bully Mat Zo and Arty out of their own music. It remains to be seen if that will happen, but as the day continues, it seems as though a fight is brewing and there may be some high powered lawyers joining the side of Arty & Mat Zo. I can see exactly why Mat Zo deleted his twitter account yesterday because would have gone apesh*t on Stream both tracks to hear the obvious theft and then after the jump hear ANOTHER theft of Sandro Silva & Quintino’s “Epic”, which is sadly kind of old news by now because it has been done so many times.

Arty Rebound Anjuna

Arty Mat Zo Rebound

Max Graham Rebound

Jono Rebound