Chill, Electro | Alisky and Laudic Come Together on “Plan B”

Posted by on December 22, 2018

Alisky’s recent release “Plan B” features a glorious top line by Laudic that really boosts this tune to the next level. The more I run through this track, the more I like it. The upcoming Finnish producer Alisky connects with soulful French singer for an end result that is both feel good and gritty. I need more Laudic vocals on songs, this dudes voice is next level.

Electro, Electronic | Alisky Connects with IOLITE for “Traces”

Posted by on July 4, 2018

“Traces” by Alisky is a heavy new Electro pop record that is reminscent of early music by French EDM legends Justice or semi new schoolers, Oliver. IOLITE’S lead vocals are silky and smooth while the production is gritty, upbeat and in your face but so much fun. Alisky was recently picked up by Warner Music Finland and after listening to “Traces” I completely understand why: he’s got next. Looking for a summer anthem? Look no further, listen to “Traces” above now.