Dubstep | AFK – Killionaire EP

Posted by on February 26, 2013


I’ve been waiting on this EP for quite some time now. The master of ‘yoys’ , AFK, has just unleashed another monstrous dubstep EP. Filled with all sorts of goodies to please a variety of bass lovers. The Dallas based producer has been destroying the scene with his heavy hitting tracks for quite some time now, so it is nice to see that people are starting to take note of him. This EP contains one of my favorite tracks from him, and that’s Pinkman. This track has some nice samples from Breaking Bad and not to mention one of the heaviest drops I have heard in a while. The EP also contains two outstanding collaborations with Spenca, who gives the EP some texture and variety. The two artist seem to go hand in hand so I wouldn’t be surprised if more collabs came pouring out of these two. Also on the EP are two solid remixes of On The Floor, provided by Melamin and Rekoil. As a treat before the EP was released AFK also gave out this VIP of Boombahstick, which is crazy in itself. Grab the free DL from below.

Beatport: AFK – Killionaire EP

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Dubstep | R Rated #56

Posted by on November 21, 2012

Kicking off this weeks Thanksgiving edition of R Rated, it is only right to have an excess of tunes to add some filth to your holidays.  First up we have this free tune from Pegboard Nerds, who have been tearing the scene apart lately. This track was given away as a gift for their 20k followers. These guys have yet to release a tune less than amazing so grab this free download HERE.

Next up are two previews from an artist who has been making a name for himself and is a part of the Firepower Crew. It is none other than AFK, who previewed two new heavy originals by himself, but no release dates yet. Both of these tracks are monstrous and have me excited to see what he is going to release next.

DeadExit is a new group with three members, and one of them being none other heavy hitter Crissy Criss. They released a mix about a week ago showcasing some of their new material, but yesterday they released their first free track. When Crissy Criss is involved in creating a track you know that it is going to pack a punch and have some crazy sounds. Grab the free download and keep an eye  out for a EP release soon.

It has been a while since we heard any new material from Zanetic. It seems as though he has been locked in the studio creating and mixing down his latest EP which is set to release on Dec. 3rd. He was kind enough to give us this free DL from the EP that is a crazy glich hop tune. You can download the track HERE.

Vital Techniques & Mikey B just unleashed this outstanding Drumstep VIP of one of their tracks. It is everything you want and more in a VIP. This is a must have for everyone.

Dubstep | AFK – Ripper [The Frim + AFK VIP]

Posted by on July 5, 2012

Rising artist The Frim has teamed up with the heavy hitting AFK to recreate a VIP to a fan favorite track from AFK, Ripper. If you have seen any of Datsik’s recent shows then you have heard some of The Frim’s latest tracks that should be releasing on Firepower Records soon. Although he is more of a low key artist, the tracks that he produces are monstrous. Of couse AFK needs no introduction, because he has been destroying stages for a few years now. It is crazy that Rusko still drop’s the original at his shows even though it has been out for almost a year now. This remix is more of a modernization of the original, because throughout the original we saw the “Yoi” synth that was such a hit a few months ago, but now the guys have revamped the synths and the arrangement to create this epic VIP.


Dubstep | R Rated #10

Posted by on January 4, 2012

Almost debated calling this R Rated, the VIP post. Considering how many sick VIPs Sev and I have gathered for this week. The first VIP in this post will surely stir up the people. It is transcoded to 320 and tops out at about 16khz, but sounds pretty sick. Knife Party stated that they would never release this VIP, so this is as good as it gets…and damn, does it get good.

DOWNLOAD: Knife Party – Crush On You (VIP Mix)

AFK has turned out to be one of Sev’s favorites for our R Rated posts, luckily AFK has been dropping new tracks every other week. He should really do more VIPs because this one is filthy.

DOWNLOAD: AFK – Miracle (VIP Mix)

Third and last VIP is from an artist called CTwo. He is not a big name what so ever, but it was more that I kind of stumbled upon his tracks. He does a sick job, and this new VIP of his is nasty.

DOWNLOAD: CTwo – The Joker (VIP Mix)

The irony of this track is that Sev introduced me to it, but he wasn’t a fan of it. I can see why someone wouldn’t like, then it dropped and I had a change of heart.

DOWNLOAD: Knife Party – Internet Friends (Poisound Remix)

OMG & Shockwave dropped this monster a few days, but it isn’t built like any other dubstep track. The drop doesn’t just happen. The bass synths are used in a way to accent the main beat of the track, happening in between portions of it.

DOWNLOAD: OMG & Shockwave – This Time Its War

This weeks throwback in my opinion is one of the greatest things Excision and Datsik have ever done. I heavily debated adding this to the dubstep essentials DJ Coman and I dropped back in August, but it didn’t seem to fit the rest of the tracks on the list.

THROWBACK: Lil Wayne – A Millie (Excision & Datsik Remix)

Dubstep | Spenca & AFK – Lemonface (AFK VIP)

Posted by on November 11, 2011

This track is finally getting a release after being teased for seven months. All it took was 2,000 likes on AFK’s facebook.  Although the original is set to release when Spenca hits 2,500 fans on facebook, this remix blows it out of the water. That Doctor P modern talking style of dubstep just never gets old. Make sure to like Spenca’s FACEBOOK as well so we can get the original.

DOWNLOAD:  Spenca & AFK – Lemonface (AFK VIP)

Dubstep | Showka, Wonkap, Calvertron, Mindcrack and AFK

Posted by on October 29, 2011

Lately dubstep producers have been promising releases to albums, EPs,  and singles, but yet we are still waiting. It is driving me crazy, so to fill that need and keep me sane I had to go out and find some place holders. Just a caution: if you have sensitive ears or just can’t handle heavy bass you should refrain from this post. So unlike these producers who make us wait for their songs, the only wait you have is download time.

MUST DOWNLOAD: Gemini – Feel Me (Showka Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Sofi & Millions Like Us – Broken Souvenirs (Showka Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Knife Party – Internet Friends (Wonkap Bootleg)

DOWNLOAD: Calvertron & Messinian – Party Gwarn (Original Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – Cinema (Mindcrack Edit)

I wish I could tell you this last track is the full length original, but it’s a loop. AFK said, “The original will be released on Jack Knife in the near future” four months ago. I guess producers these days just don’t understand what “releasing in the near future”, or “release coming soon” means.