Electronic | Na Palm – Electronic Chronic #002 Podcast

Posted by on September 25, 2012

The wait is finally over! Na Palm finally dropped his long awaited Electronic Chronic #002 Podcast and it’s way dirtier than I expected. Na Palm has been teasing us with juicy hints and single tracks for the past few weeks, and the full hour is satisfyingly packed with the party bangers we’ve come to expect, along with some awesome mellow sections. As usual, from the very beginning Na gives us a view into his wickedly creative mind with hypercreative lyrics that cannot be matched by other MCs. Driving up the energy in the second part of the podcast is DJ/producer duo Milk & Cookies who absolutely kill it, bringing the hour to a banging finish. Big congrats to Na Palm and his team on crushing this podcast–I’m sure this is just the start of something epic. Download individual tracks and check out the track list after the jump!


Dubstep | Adventure Club- Need Your Heart (Cry Wolf YOLO Remix)

Posted by on August 8, 2012

Adventure Club gets the remix of a century by Cry Wolf and its one for the books. CRY goes ham on this remix busting out funk and dubstep in one fell swoop. I am honestly confused as to what to label this as. If you don’t download then its your really effing huge loss. Like you win some and you lose some, but like you’d be the loser. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. LIKE WHAT IS THAT BASS GUITAR DOING?! It’s blowing your f**king mind betch.

Download:  Adventure Club-Need Your Heart(Cry Wolf YOLO Remix)

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/54543443″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=000000″ width=”100%” height=”81″ iframe=”false” /]

Electro, Exclusive | Na Palm vs Adventure Club vs Foxes – Youth (bootleg) [FNT Exclusive] [Apparel Giveaway]

Posted by on August 7, 2012


I was fortunate enough to meet Na Palm at Global Dance Festival in Colorado a couple weeks ago, and it was quickly clear that this man embodies everything I love about music. His energy, passion and dedication were immediately apparent, and he was also incredibly modest and earnest. I am thrilled to be able to bring you “Youth,” a very impressive exclusive Adventure Club remix off his upcoming podcast, “ElectronicChronic002.” After seeing Na Palm’s wild live shows I knew he could deliver party bangers, but this new release proves he is just as skilled at mellowed out tunes. One listen to “Youth” and you’ll swear someone slipped this upbeat, energetic guy a chill pill. Roll up on one of these hot summer days and enjoy this anthem from NaPalm–you won’t regret it. And don’t forget to spread the word about ElectronicCronic002, because it’s about to be huge. #DirtyGirlsLikeDirtyBeats Apparel GIVEAWAY after the jump – 



Dubstep | Adventure Club – Retro City

Posted by on August 1, 2012

I feel like Adventure Club epitomizes the happy medium between the underground and the accessible. Their tracks are pretty much crowd pleasers — put them on during a party and they’ll somehow manage to satisfy both the casual Avicii fans and the kids who went to see Excision instead of Eric Prydz at Identity Festival. Their latest release, “Retro City,” is in keeping with this — choppy synths, agile riffs, and a smooth drop that is restrained but has just enough edge. And then there’s the sudden tempo change midway through, which brings in some unexpected (but definitely welcome) moombah-ish funk. On the whole, this reminds me a lot of one of their earlier tracks, Do I See Color. While it’s certainly not the most exciting thing that the Montreal duo has put out, it’s definitely palatable and nicely put together.

Moombahton, Trap | Adventure Club Ft Krewella – Rise & Fall (D!RTY AUD!O Remix)

Posted by on July 26, 2012

Just when you thought you had heard all the remixes to Adventure Club’s track featuring Krewella, Rise & Fall, D!RTY AUD!O comes through again with something completely different from the rest. We have heard Krewella’s heavy dubstep remix. We have heard AT DAWN WE RAGE’s fantastic dubstep remix. Now D!RTY AUD!O has rolled through with a one of a kind moombahton-to-trap remix that definitely stands out from the rest. This track has done moombahton justice in my opinion, contributing a completely stylish and original drop that blows my mind every single time I listen to it. The build and progression of the track are top notch and the use of the vocals is excellent. I hate to say this over and over again, but I see great things to come for D!RTY AUD!O in the near future.

D!RTY AUD!O // Adventure Club // Krewella

Dubstep | R Rated #38

Posted by on July 19, 2012

Would never have expected a remix by The Killabits of Adventure Club, but here it is. This is massive to say the least, blowing my ears and mind simultaneously. The Killabits never disappoint with remixes.

What’s this? Another filthy track? Words are hard to use to coherently describe the drop on this. Just wish I knew about it sooner.

Tracks like this are some of my favorites and most hated to find. Not only is this just a clip, but I have no idea when this behemoth is releasing. An incredible listen to say the least though.

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Dubstep | R Rated #37

Posted by on July 11, 2012

Kicking off this week’s R Rated we have a freebie from UKF of Dream and Archie Cane’s track Who Cares. This one is a big collab from these two that has been rinsed out by the likes of Skream, Benga, Skrillex and many others. Dream is a pretty underrated producer in my eyes, and the only thing holding him back from being more noticed is the amount of releases he has. Either way these two were able to brew up a masterpiece that has a Never Say Die feel mixed with some of Eptic’s style.

Ellie Goulding has one of the best voices in the business and it is no surprise as to why everyone is dying to get on a track with her. Lately we have seen a rising amount of remixes of her tracks, and Mach found the jackpot. This remix by Pittman immediately gave off that Alvin Risk style with some heavy sounds mixed between. The build up and progression through it are amazing in itself not to even mention the exploding drop.

Horx and P3000 are slowly climbing their way to the top with their set of releases lately. Horx definitely shows his experience within this group by bringing some awesome unique styles to every track their name is on. I love the soloed out vocals with the soft sounds in the background that set the stage for the grimey drop.

CRNKN cranked out this nice remix of Adventure Club’s Do I See Color with a little twist of his own. I love the synths and build ups CRNKN used in this remix, and it is also nice to see him making some dubstep again. Nothing too crazy from him on the drop, but tasteful and bass-filled enough for R Rated.

Here are two more free downloads.