Electro | Wolfgang Gartner impresses with “28 Grams”

Posted by on May 8, 2019

The legend Wolfgang Gartner is back with another electro heater. He’s one of the pioneers of the electro house movement and is credited with creating the complextro subgenre. His talent for this realm is on full display on 28 grams. Right from the start Wolfgang hits with a funky bassline that forces listeners to start grooving. Check it out and pick up your copy here.

House | Cousn Adds Smooth House Feel To Elder Island’s “Kape Fear”

Posted by on May 8, 2019

Cousn seems to like to throw a little bit of the spiritual sauce into his music, as “Kape Fear (Cousn Remix)” shows us. Cousn has had an impressive roster of sounds over the years, but it’s really this one that marks an accumulation of fresh genres and different sounds we’ve heard from him. With a disco feel and a wonderful vocal laid atop, we can hope that this isn’t the last we hear from Cousn.

Elder Island, the group that was remixed for this release, is an dynamic and grounded act, a four piece group that collaborates as one under the name. Yet, this seems to be no match to experienced producer Cousn, who takes apart their latest production and makes it his own. The geld melds well with this one.

Chill | One Eyed Jack Releases Harmonious Single “The Ride”

Posted by on May 6, 2019

Using a progressive song structure and a elongated, intricate melodic vocal harmonies. “The Ride” displays the smooth nature music can deliver, using the analogy of “The Ride” to take one on a ride through music. The utilization of live instrumental and a consistent energy throughout are a few of the tools group One Eyed Jack pulls out of the hat to deliver this original.

A Brighton-founded group, there are many members that make up what is more like an artistic collective, 7 to be exact, making it that much more impressive that something solid and crafted ended up making it’s way to the cutting room. With over 300 shows under their belt along with their own strong following on social media, in particular YouTube, this group has a bring future shining ahead.


Chill | Chris Varvaro Continues New Sound With “Notebook” Original

Posted by on May 5, 2019

Chris Varvaro is on a roll in 2019, the revitalization of his brand was centered around his last release “Broken,” a single where a fresh sound was put on full display that was not only all it’s own but ended up garnering support from media outlets to Spotify playlists and more. Given the success of the situation, Chris Varvaro has returned with single “Notebook,” containing yet again his last collaborating vocal partner, male singer-songwriter Sky Roses. Together the duo paint the sky with melancholy soundscapes, pure piano sounds, and a gliding vocal layer that stitches the single together.

Chris Varvaro is a soloist showcasing strong talent through his recent push in 2019, his music streams are on at an incline and his sound stands out against the crowd. Varvaro has many green flags going into 2019, with this year set to be one of his biggest yet.

Albums | Juuku Takes on Manila Killa’s “All 2 U”

Posted by on May 4, 2019

Juuku laces a powerfully cinematic vibe on “All 2 U” by Manilla Killa featuring Sara Skinner. Like his other two remixes, he injects the original with an energetic boost filled with smashing drums, killer synthesizers and an overall new take on the track. Check it out above and keep this act on your listening map.

Bass | RATED R and DRINKURWATER Assemble On Massive Riddim Tune “Oh F*ck”

Posted by on May 3, 2019

RATED R and DRINKURWATER have combined the best of their bass hitting power to unleash a huge banger for the masses titled “Oh F*ck.” The single flexes hard with massive, screeching drops and lyrics easy to chant to. The bridge provides a calming eastern-tinged feel soon followed by more rich basslines. The end result is a tasty bass tune that would change the night off any room, riddim fans in particular are going to shed neck muscles over “Oh F*CK.”

Both RATED R and DRINKURWATER have rising careers, expect more music action from them both in coming months.

Bass | GIDEXEN Showcases Hard-Trap Style In “Money” EP

Posted by on May 2, 2019

“Money” and “Slay” make up the two-track production, both featuring the vocal talent of KRAK’N. The tunes embrace a traditional trap beat and rhythm you’d be used to. What makes Money EP different is it’s furious energy and darkness that engulfs the entire experience. Bass-driven tracks and engaging versus make up the centerpiece that makes Money a strong work sure to be appreciated in trap circles

Money EP may be hard, but GIDEXEN very much has a diverse spectrum of sounds he puts on there, some of which could be considered more softer and melodic the one could expect. With over 150K monthly listeners and plenty of shows under his belt, this you rising talent has the pervasiveness and consistency to make it big