House | Phraktal’s “Chime” Recreates Classic 90’s House Hit

Posted by on June 22, 2019

Limbo Records is a name that many are familiar with, but maybe not Generation Z music fans just getting into electronic music. The label was legendary is the 90’s when house was in it’s prime. “Chime,” a recreation of Orbital’s hit single from the same era, marks a return of Limbo Records, which now fully operating in the modern music world. “Chime” truly flexes its’ progressive edge, using hypnotic synth rhythms and fluid instrumentation to take the listener on a mind-bending journey that’s all it’s own.

Phraktal are an Ireland based group. Their debut album Why 1 is One and 2 is Two took them touring globally and received critical acclaim. Their second album Nightwalk will come in two parts and will be released in 2019. Phraktal has more surprises coming soon so follow him on socials if you like what he is about.

Bass, House | AYOO Flips Groove Delight’s “G4nj4” Into A Heavy House Hitter

Posted by on June 22, 2019

Looping in jungle elements, classic and tech house, massive build ups, and hard-hitting 128BPM drops, AYOO knows what it takes to make an infectious remix stick. The many moods that AYOO is able to stitch together is impressive. Alongside this, the brother duo give ‘space’ for things like dub vocals to play their part in the track as well as showcase particularly strong blended sounds and transitions. AYOO nails a vibe that’s all their own here and clearly show solid professionalism through both look and sound.

AYOO are following up performances at Spring Awakening and openings for acts like Birthdayy Partyy in Chicago. The duo have acclaimed tens of thousands of plays across their streaming channels and capture a truly multi-genre sound that typically utilize heavy bass and house elements. Their rise and current direction makes them a duo to keep an eye on.

Chill | Johnny Burgos Releases Sensual Single Titled “Creepin”

Posted by on June 22, 2019

Prospective is everything, with a name like “Creepin,” many thoughts come to mind of what the angle and sound could be on the surface. Johnny Burgos impresses on a sizable level with the level of theory built into his latest single. “Creepin” tells a story of genuine passion, all the while keeping in good spirits and having plenty of rhythm, melody, and effects to substantially entertain all the way through.

Johnny Burgos sound carries “influences from Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson, Timbaland, and D’Angelo and his “music draws upon the core principles of R&B/Soul, while encompassing elements of Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, and Blues.”

That captures the sum of what you are hearing via Johnny Burgos. His talents are certainly underrated and more will surely be coming from him soon..


Chill, Interviews | Trove Shares About Tastes, Dreams, And The Year So Far[Exclusive]

Posted by on June 20, 2019

Trove has experience some riveting moments in his young career, with over 20 million streams to his name already and a heavy reputation in the songwriting community as a guy who’s got “It.” Singles like “Revelry” and “GTFO” put Trove’s color’s on full display for all to judge. Needless to say, his sound and collaboration partners always impress as the soloist continues to add new fans to his base.

Trove took the time out to chat with us about life, end of the year, and much more. Check out the interview in full below:

What EDM music school stands out to you the most?

Trove: I have some friends that have attended Icon Collective in LA and have spoken really highly of the education and training there

For young producers out there, when would you say is the right time to quit the day job?

Trove:I tend to jump the gun on this kind of thing. It definitely wasn’t the right time for me but it drove me to really try and make it work. I would recommend honing your sound and skill until you feel like the music you’re making is creating enough opportunity to keep you busy and learning throughout the week. Save up some money in the bank so you’re a little supported and go hard full time to make it work.

Who would be your dream collaborator?

Trove:Would love to work with Rufus Du Sol or Flume.

How do you do get the creative process flowing?

Trove:Usually I’ll scroll through sample packs or presets until I find something that pricks my ear and then I’ll play some chords I like. Once I have something I can built off, I completely change and tweak the sound so it sounds unique to me. Lyrically, I’m always scribbling notes and often times they’re terrible ideas but sometimes you get a good one to build off of too.

What music platforms or general music apps do you find most relevant right now?

Trove:Spotify and Apple Music I think are at the forefront while platforms like YouTube music and TikTok are on the come up. Being able to see your stats and influence throughout different regions as an artist is a big win!

What are you most excited about this year?

Trove:All the traveling I’ve done and continue to do! I’ve visited 7 countries this year already and will be doing 3-4 more this year for songwriting.

Albums | Blu DeTiger is bringing the funk back

Posted by on June 20, 2019

Blu DeTiger is a name you’re about to be familiar with. Her funky style of music has garnered her the attention of Rolling Stone and The Knocks. Now she’s offered her talents to her good friend Madge in the form of a remix of Madge’s hit “Fight or Flight Club.” A groovy bassline and dope synth work highlights the composition. Check it out below and jump on the hype train.

Albums | Bask in the warmth of Justice Skolnik’s new single “Wildside” ft. Sarah Reeves

Posted by on June 20, 2019

Justice Skolnik has been a tear this year. He’s released over 10 different songs, his latest with vocalist Sarah Reeves. The song definitely has a repeat factor for me and I threw it in one of my favorite playlists immediately upon hearing. You should have a listen below ad do the same.

Chill | Jessy Poncho’s Sophomore Single “Blyss” Showcases Multi-Genre Skills

Posted by on June 20, 2019

Riding the success of “Dreamstate,” Jessy Poncho, the recently debuting artist, shows off production skills that show he’s more than are cozy artist name. Both “Dreamstate,” his debut, and newly released “Blyss” showcase the diversity Jessy Poncho is able to jam in a tune, all the while keeping a fluid, easily-listening nature within that fits within a broader dance music mold. Both singles have their own originality they stand on, but contain commonality highlighting the origins of a signature sound.

Jessy Poncho already has tens of thousands of plays across just 2 tracks, his branding and sound hints at an artist who has experience and know-how in-which to get ears on his music. Jessy Poncho is one to watch out for in 2019.