Chill | Solstis Return With Chill Trap Debut Album “Nowhere”

Posted by on February 24, 2018

If I had to use one word to describe Solstis’s brand new album Nowhere, the term would be warm. Each track I feel is almost laced with rising and expanding heat signatures, as if you can feel it in your skin when you listen. Even darker and more forceful sounding tracks like “Open Your Eyes” have a warmth, if not a raging fire, to them. The albums songs wave back and forth, as if the warmth grows to a fire, again and again. This also even mimics the patterns that the songs themselves have, of a build-up, drop, coast, and resolution. A parallel one finds while experiencing the album.

Old, yet familiar emotions creep up on you throughout the album, a unique journey to say the least.

Bass, Videos | 5 & A Dime Uploads DIY Video Showing New Way To Use A LaunchPad

Posted by on February 23, 2018

Now hitting nearly 1 million views on Twitter alone, 5 & A Dime is proving he is a man of many colors, having been in the industry 8 years and done everything from mashup videos to hundreds of shows and more. He’s taken on a challenging chapter as of late, showcasing a homemade DDR pad turned LaunchPad, putting together songs using the timing of his step. The amount of hours it took to put something like this together is hard to imagine, but the work has paid off no doubt.

Rumor has it 5 & A Dime has more of these style videos as well as more unreleased works on deck. Hands down, this is one of the more creative videos you see within the dance scene.

Bass, Hip-Hop | Apashe Releases Historic Requiem EP Inspired By Mozart

Posted by on February 23, 2018

Apashe has long been known for his hybrid sound, but now he’s upped the ante. His historic Requiem EP just dropped today on Kannibalen Records with three tracks that are literally unlike anything I’ve heard before. What would you think if someone said they made an EP of classical mixed with hip-hop and trap? You’d probably laugh, but once you listen to this project there’s no laughter, just awe-struck silence. It’s the beginning of the year and a lot of lists have been coming out about what producers are going to have the biggest years… Apashe should be at the top of the list.


Chill | Kav Verhouzer & Lawrie Martin Pair Up On Cloudy “Love Into Gold”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

Kav Verhouzer, an artist having partially got his start on Spotify, has dropped “Love into Gold” featuring Lawrie Martin. The track is smooth and mesmerizing as it follows a natural stream of relaxed conscienceness. The vocals by Lawrie Martin, enthralls the listener with a silky and subtle feel. The song reflects a solemn positivity that elevates the entire listening experience.

Kav Verhouzer has made a name for himself by creating some amazing tracks with inspirations from jazz, deep house and tech-house. The use of acoustics in his tracks combined with the melodic breaks create a very warming effect. On the other hand, Lawrie Martin is an established vocalist, hailing from Glasgow. His penchant for showcasing his versatility through melodies have become a trademark.

Chill | CASPR and RAMI Get Tropical With Colton Avery In “Fireproof”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

CASPR and RAMI have collaborated with Colton Avery for their new single “Fireproof”. The song envisages the synergy between the two music producers as they use blends of tropical and chill house sounds to create an amazing piece of music. While, Colton Avery the folk singer hailing from Phoenix, provides very subtle vocals that diffuses in elegantly with the tropical house theme of the song. Overall, the track is very serene, soothing and relaxing to the ears.

Given the amount of years these genres have been around, it’s amazing to see the movement still push forward and evolve over time. Cheers to the folks keeping it alive!

Chill | Michael Push Drops Sqeaky Clean Music Video For “Tell Me Why”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

Michael Push, the singer and DJ from London is back with his latest single “Tell Me Why”. The song boasts of an artful house track filled with whiskers of tropical sounds. The use of synth riff combined with eloquent vocals elevates the listeners to a higher realm.

As per Michael, the song is a reflection of his real-life experiences. The inspiration for the tropical theme of the song has been from his travels to Miami, Maldives, and Palma De Mallorca. The mingling of tropical sounds into a romantic pop tune provides a very catchy effect to the song.

Michael Push isn’t planning the slow of releases anytime soon!

Bass | Nurko Kicks Off His 2018 Roster With “Million Birds”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

“Million Birds” is the title of electronic artist Nurko’s first track of 2018, and it is quite a way to bring in the new year. The song begins with humble piano chords, and the sounds of birds chirping and flying. The gentle plucking of the strings carries the whole song delicately. Then, that delicacy is balanced with victorious and sturdy synthesizers. Elle Vee breathes even more life into this song with her dreamy vocals. I think she helps the song naturally ascend into a complete rhythmic gesture of remembrance. What is it the song want us to remember? Well, I suppose that is up to the listener. However, for me, the theme of flight and defying gravity itself foresees a future of freedom, since, to remember who we are, we must indeed become who we are meant to be. ‘Million Birds’ is a melodic reminder to the listener of that sacred duty to oneself, and indeed to the universe.