Playlists | Welcoming Winter with FNT

Posted by on October 23, 2013

Below is a setlist of 20 hot songs that will sizzle the snow away as the bitter cold of winter starts to set in. With a variety of electronic, instrumentals, hip-hop & more, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone of the sorts; kick your winter off right with Fresh New Tracks and get to listenin’.

Electro, Moombahton, Playlists, Trap | FilthyTaft’s Filthy Trap Playlist (New Author Intro)

Posted by on October 20, 2013


Hey everyone, Ben Taft aka FilthyTaft here. As you may have heard, our site ( has just merged with the FNT fam! I’d like to introduce myself to you all with a filthy trap playlist compiled of 7 absolute bangers. Although I am currently obsessed with the trap/moombahton scene, I’ll be covering all sorts of new music, from chill rap to heavy trap bangers. But in the meantime, enjoy this playlist, and thanks for the warm welcome to the FNT fam!

Direct Download: FilthyTaft’s Filthy Trap Playlist



Playlists | Warm Air Vol. 2

Posted by on September 20, 2013


Original photo courtesy of Hayley Trone

 Well folks, it’s been real. Tomorrow, Sept 22, marks the official end of summer 2013. In honor of the change in season, I present to you the second installment of my very own Warm Air mixtapes. A mix designed to ease the transition of swimsuits to sweaters and piña coladas to pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha lattes. A mix to warm you up in the cool autumn breeze, to relive the sweet memories of the past few months, and keep your spirits up and motivated as you face challenges in school, work, and everyday life. So close your eyes, and let this mix take you back to that moment on the beach where you dug a hole in the sand with your toes as you watched the sun set, or when you indulged in the most amazing 4th of July BBQ of your life, or drove around recklessly with the top down and the radio up, or the night you watched an epic fireworks spectacle with your boo thang wrapped up tight in your arms.

Remember, just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the fun is. Oh no, 2013 can and will go out with a bang. With 3 months left to go, it’s time the real fun begins.

I’d also like to dedicated this mix to one of my most beautiful friends as she turns 21 today. Hope you enjoy this mixtape as you take your first legal swigs of alcohol today, take an extra big one for me <3


Listen to this mix via 8tracks here.


Playlists | WARM AIR vol. 1

Posted by on June 21, 2013

warm air vol. 1


When it comes to summertime playlists, it’s a cutthroat battle for the ultimate, all-inclusive and trendiest compilation, so hear me out for a second. Allow me to introduce to you, Warm Air, a three-part series by yours truly that will coincide with the rise and fall of your sweet summer season. I present to you this first installment of my series on the first day of summer, appropriately, in hopes that you might enhance any which way you decide to spend your greatest allowance of sunlight with the shimmering sounds of some of my current favorite artists. This playlist in particular is for the moment you wake up when the possibilities for your day are limitless; the sun is sparkling everywhere from the leaves on the tree to the water in the pool and the hood of your new Bugatti. With a mimosa in one hand and your beach towel in the other, these tracks will inspire and motivate you to carpe the shit out of the diem. But what happens when the sun is hot, the babes are out and you’re ready to play? Stay tuned for volume 2, coming soon to a boombox near you…




Playlists | Diplo’s 102 Track Summer Playlist

Posted by on May 28, 2013

diploThere are few people with a better pulse on what is going on in the music world than Diplo, so for him to assemble 102 tracks in one space to play all at once is special. It is better than anything we would come up with, so just hit play and enjoy all 6+ hours of music wherever you are. Not all of it is downloadable, but some of the tracks are free, so peruse the list, spanning from dubstep to hip hop and get to listening to all 6 hours and 24 minutes. After the jump is the full tracklist.


Playlists | Playlist #5

Posted by on March 18, 2013


Guest Post from Evora:

This week I moved away from the melodic/electro dubstep because being in mid-finals grind (my school is on the quarter system), my mind craves melodies that are consistent in vocals, beat, and style. I love huge drops when I’m hitting the gym or out on a run, but when I study I need music that provides the “white noise” needed to block out all distractions. Whether it is a paper, quiz, or midterm, use this playlist to power through those long weeks ahead!



Playlists | Weekly Playlist #4

Posted by on March 12, 2013



(Pictured: Chris Martin – Coldplay)

Guest Post from Evora:

Sometimes you just have those bad days and there’s really no way to escape it. It’s easy to turn to the dark side and dwell on whatever that overtaking you. However, I always taught that you are your worst enemy and I’ve always used music as my outlet to relax. If it’s a bad midterm, a stressful group project, or a fight with a girl I’ve always resorted to music to calm me down. I know this is the case for many of you so I created a playlist this week to motivate, invigorate, and revive those good feelings that have been locked away. One of my favorites in this playlist, Firefly by White Panda, helps feel a sense of relief, happiness and return to normalcy. I hope you can use this playlist as an outlet if you are having a stressful day, energize yourself and conquer whatever obstacles might be thrown in your way.