FYI | Dance Music’s Worrying Trend: The Try Hard

Posted by on March 5, 2014

hipster meme 2jpg 384x580 Dance Musics Worrying Trend: The Try Hard

We all know one — or unfortunately have come to know one. Two years ago they were overheard about how amazing Alesso was at EDC Las Vegas. This year they won’t be seen leaving the techno tent, save to go grab a drink or look in disgust at the kids dressed in neon wandering the festival grounds. They will be there nice and early to let everyone around them know just how extensive their knowledge is about the openers. They were up on them well before you, no doubt about that, and aren’t too sure how they feel about seeing them on such a grand stage like Ultra, E-Zoo or EDC — because naturally the next step is David Guetta-esque selling out.


FYI | Wildstylez Rips Off Deadmau5 “Some Chords”

Posted by on February 21, 2014

Deadmau5 Where Are My Keys 620x413 Wildstylez Rips Off Deadmau5 Some Chords

Dutch hardstyle producer Wildstylez (why does every hardstyle producer replace s with z in their name) recently released his tune “Straightfoward”, fitting in its own right, that just takes the chords from Deadmau5′s “Some Chords” and drags and drops them into his own tune. To quote deadmau5, wildstylz did not just take “some chords”, but all of them, in the same order, which makes this as bad as it could possibly be. I would not say this is on the level of will.i.steal, but it is pretty damn close damn close. Deadmau5 can be a prick sometimes, but he also isn’t afraid to speak his mind and going after someone who blatantly copied his song. I would say listen for yourself, but it is so obvious you will hear it the immediately.

Here is a solution. The damage has been done for both sides, bridges burned, images tarnished in the eyes of the other. However out of respect for deadmau5, because this would never go to trial, Wildstylez could pull the tune from iTunes, release it as a free download and credit deadmau5. The track is on his label so he doesn’t have too many hurdles to jump through. This will probably never happen, but I tried.

Some tweets:

Some Facebook:

FYI, Videos | Jimmy Fallon’s Ragtime Version of “Ignition (Remix)”

Posted by on February 19, 2014

Normally, someone wouldn’t just go and try to remix R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” because it’s simply a classic as it is. But in the second installment of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and his team of ragtime singers got a standing ovation with their rendition of the timeless song. All fun and laughs, but actually pretty impressive :p Jimmy never fails us.

FYI, Home | Watch Action Bronson Fight a Security Guard on Stage After Lighting a Joint

Posted by on February 5, 2014

It’s pretty clear what went down here – Action Bronson wanted to smoke a J because he’s a traveling hip hop artist, while he clearly he wasn’t allowed to. The security guard decided it’d be cool to be a huge d*** about it in front of the entire crowd, but Bronson wasn’t going to take that humiliation, and he shoves the guard off of him pretty hard, charges him again, and shoves him way off of him. If the rapper on stage was someone the size of Childish Gambino, the security guard’s stunt probably would have worked, but when you go up against the gigantic bearded beast Action Bronson himself, this is what happens. Shoulda seen it coming, bud – big ups to Action Bronson for putting up a show for his fans and fighting for legalization. Lastly, thanks to the random fan who instagrammed this video.

FYI | Eggs, Xanax, and Ecstasy for Justin Beiber

Posted by on January 15, 2014

Justin Beiber’s house was searched by warrant early Tuesday morning by the Calabasas sheriff’s department after an alleged neighbors complaint that their house had been egged the night before. Beiber’s house, who happened to be touching the neighbors, was preoccupied earlier that night with apparent use of what at first was thought to be Coke, but later identified as Ecstasy and Xanax, which was supplied by rapper Lil Za who was arrested after the drugs were confiscated from the house. With all the conspicuous activity that J Beibs has been accused of over the ladder part of 2013, it’s really not surprising that he would justify the idea of getting supper wacked with lines of PK’s and thizzle, then egging the person that literally lives on the other side of his fence. What makes the complaint even more suspicious is that it’s not the first time Beiber has had unpleasant encounters with his neighbors. They have complained about Bieber several times in the past year, including in May when two neighbors called the sheriff to report he was speeding down residential streets, a sheriff’s spokesman said. Deputies visited Bieber’s home in response, but the singer refused to talk to them. A neighbor also accused Bieber of spitting on him and making threats during a heated confrontation outside his home last March. It prompted a sheriff’s probe, but no charges followed. To be honest though, this isn’t the last you’ll hear of J Beibs… I’m sure he’ll be back next time with an even more ridiculously outlandish act of stupidity.

Until next time – check out A Guide To Justin Beiber’s Bad Year.

Electro-House, FYI | Troll of the Week: Maverix – Everyone Is Having Sex

Posted by on December 23, 2013

maverix Troll of the Week: Maverix   Everyone Is Having Sex

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our troll of the week: Maverix. Following the likes of Daleri with their “Epic Mashleg,” and of course, the troll king, Deadmau5′s  indictment of big league dance music with “Drop Da Bomb,” our boy Maverix here took it to a whole new level by charting the Top 10 in Electro House on Beatport, currently reigning at #9. Yeah, he surfaced on one of the biggest genre charts in the market, and I’m pretty sure he’s f***ing with all of us (at least I hope he is).

maverix3 Troll of the Week: Maverix   Everyone Is Having Sex

Let’s take a look at the lyrics: “Everyone is having sex/If you’re not you’re too complex/Everyone is having sex/If you’re not, booty call text.” Normally something like this would leave me relatively unfazed, maybe a giggle at most, but the fact that this track has broken through the the ranks of the Electro House Top 100 and into the Top 10 has left me in awe of this guy’s trolling capabilities: it’s safe to say I’m impressed; and I’m not going to lie – I kind of want to dance to this song. Hats off to you, Maverix – well done.

If you want, go hit up Beatport. This track can be all yours for just $2.49 – throw this thing up to #1.

Maverix: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

FYI | Paul Baümer Of Bingo Players Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

Posted by on December 18, 2013

bingo Paul Baümer Of Bingo Players Passes Away After Battle With Cancer

Last night, the whole EDM community lost an influential, fun, and well-liked member. Paul Baümer, half of  the Dutch duo Bingo Players, passed away after his five-month battle with cancer.

This morning, his bandmate Maarten Hoogstraten posted the tragic news to the artists’ Facebook page saying:

Although the news came as a shock to many in the community, Paul posted about his diagnosis on July 19 after missing a series of summer performances. He was a character with many fans that looked up to him, especially after the Bingo Players’ hit track “Rattle” that debuted in 2012. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his friends and family. Look out for more updates from the FNT team.

Bingo Players: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter