FYI | Jake Udell Gave Up A Rap Career To Become Krewella’s Manager

Posted by on September 9, 2014

Jake Udell. What can you say about him that that hasn’t already been said. He’s a highly respected force in the industry. From being mentioned in Bob Lefsetz’s letter to managing Krewella and ZHU, he’s carved a brand for himself, becoming what many have called a super-manager. That’s why the video above is so fascinating. In an interview with, Udell described his budding rap persona.

JU: Yes. That is the last thing I want to bring up in this interview, but my failed career as a recording artist was so essential into making me the manager I am today. When I was 19 the recession hit and people needed essentials like milk more than framed jerseys for their wall. It was the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college. I realized my goal was to have a voice. Rapping became the vehicle. The record was so bad, but it actually got radio play here in Chicago and other markets.

I could go on and on about Jake Udell and his interview with AskMen, but you’re going to have to read it yourself. A fascinating article about a fascinating person. Read the interview HERE.

FYI | Is This What A Pre-Recorded Set Looks Like

Posted by on September 6, 2014

Earlier today, our friends at uncovered some footage of model / DJ/ Instagram narcissist Natalia Paris “DJ’ing” at a gig in Mexico. Although she claims she’s using Traktor, it’s hard to explain away a video that so clearly shows a lack of mixing aptitude. The model / DJ concept is nothing new. Many in the booking world are smartly cashing in on it. In this case, Natalia Paris picked up a $10,000 check. Where there’s demand, supply will always follow. What do you think of her response? Pre-recorded set, or something else?

Weigh in on the comment section below. Rápidamente!

Electro-House, FYI | Does Every Vinai Song Sound The Same?

Posted by on August 7, 2014

vinai suck Does Every Vinai Song Sound The Same?It is a hypothetical question to get your attention because the answer is yes, and here is why. I saw a side-by-side comparison a while ago and didn’t think too much of it, just an isolated incident of two songs that were made at the same time and released over the span of a few months. Then this Magnetic Mag article popped up in news feed today and I realized that this is much worse than I thought. So I decided to some more digging to try and get the full story and man it is rough. They all have the same kick, the same notes, the same Pryda snare at the exact moments in the drop — its almost like if you lined up the songs they would sound like one song. Oh wait, somebody did that and it is somewhat startling to hear the results.

To be fair, artists spend years developing a “signature” sound and once they find it, they aren’t going to deviate too far from it, especially in the early stages of their professional career. However, in this case, you see a cop and paste mentality, where almost no care goes into creating a new complete idea with each song. Instead it is a lazy reliance on what has worked in the past with no attempt to take risks or try something new. Us calling out Vinai for the pretty blatant lack of creativity probably won’t do much to dent their meteoric rise in the last year, that is up to the fans. It is up to them to decide whether or not they want to continue hearing the same song over and over again and the time when they say enough is enough may come sooner than Vinai would like.


FYI | What’s The Deal With DJ Support?

Posted by on August 3, 2014

seinfeld rect 620x413 Whats The Deal With DJ Support?
You heard me right. What’s the deal with bragging about DJ support? I’ve know you’ve seen it… “SUPPORTED BY” in those terrible press releases. Perhaps the most hilarious offender is Spinnin’ Records. I’m sure this will ruffle their feathers, but no one is above reproach on this site. Take a gander at the description section on their Youtube page. They always include “DJ feedback”. This is the worst.


FYI | Justin Bieber Sings “One Less Lonely N*****” Once He Joins The Ku Klux Klan

Posted by on June 4, 2014

It’s been a rough week for the Biebs. Earlier this week, a video surfaced of Justin using the dreaded “N-Word” and the internet practically blew up. All was well though, because Scooter Braun Justin penned an apology and fans came to his defense citing “his best friends are black.” Seems legit, right?

Not quite, because yet another video has surfaced of Justin singing there will be “one less lonely n****” once he joins the Ku Klux Klan via TMZ. Usher’s head must be exploding right now. What’s perhaps even worse is many have speculated that the female laugh in the background is in fact Justin Bieber’s mother.

Justin Bieber is said to be 14 at the time of the video, which is more than old enough to know better than to use that word. How he recovers from this, I don’t know. What I do know is that he’ll probably be getting a call from Usher soon.

What a scumbag.

FYI, Home | Featured Product: The Link

Posted by on June 3, 2014

The Link is a small, portable and rechargeable device that converts any wired speaker into a wireless Bluetooth® speaker system. Simply plug your audio system’s auxiliary cable into the Link, connect your device to the Link wirelessly via Bluetooth, and voila…No more wires. One of our bloggers founded this awesome venture – check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

FNTbeforeafterfinal 500x164 Featured Product: The Link

FYI | Dance Music’s Worrying Trend: The Try Hard

Posted by on March 5, 2014

hipster meme 2jpg 384x580 Dance Musics Worrying Trend: The Try Hard

We all know one — or unfortunately have come to know one. Two years ago they were overheard about how amazing Alesso was at EDC Las Vegas. This year they won’t be seen leaving the techno tent, save to go grab a drink or look in disgust at the kids dressed in neon wandering the festival grounds. They will be there nice and early to let everyone around them know just how extensive their knowledge is about the openers. They were up on them well before you, no doubt about that, and aren’t too sure how they feel about seeing them on such a grand stage like Ultra, E-Zoo or EDC — because naturally the next step is David Guetta-esque selling out.