Pharaoh Phonix Turns Heads With Well-Encompassed Compilation Album ‘Pharaoh’s Gold Vol. 1’

Posted by on May 20, 2022

If you are looking for a label that has it all, look no further than what Thomas Xavier has put together with Pharaoh Phonix. Between the reoccurring live performance showcase Pharaoh’s Chamber held in Milwaukee, the label he’s founded with Pharaoh Phonix, and now Pharaoh’s Gold Vol. 1, it’s becoming apparent there is nothing this man can’t do. Five artists including himself have made the cut with this album, Elevatd, St.Sinny, Chomper, black a.m. and Thomas Xavier all having a time to shine with their singles. Now is as good of time as any to use the phrase: The whole is greater than the some of it’s parts. This is a truth that is intertwined with this compilation. All house but all sharing a different style to the table based on their perspective, Pharaoh’s Gold Vol. 1 makes up an eclectic combination for what it is, but also a stepping stone representing more to come.

“I’m A Boss,” by Thomas Xavier sends out a cool feeling with it’s unique sample choice and easy-going feel. “Say You Got Me,” has Thomas Xavier and black a.m. collaborating, the two together blending in a pleasant spirit into this sound. “Up All Night,” lets Chomper have his moment, executing a feel where your never quite sure what will be coming next. “H.E.R.,” lets newcomer St.Sinny do his thing, bringing a spooky feel, all of which is channeled through house music. The dankest seems to be saved for last with Pharaoh’s Gold Vol. 1, Elevatd and Thomas Xavier going hard on all the parts of the final song “P&B.”

There’s plenty to love and explore with this volume, don’t miss out on a movement that isn’t slowing down for anyone.