Thomas Xavier Returns With 2022 EP ‘Good Dome’

Posted by on April 1, 2022

Thomas Xavier continues his successful 2021 with an riveting addition to his catalog with Good Dome. The two tracks featured are “Good Dome,” and “Flex Yo Freak.”

The opening release “Flex Yo Freak,” is an instant party starter and continues the ride all the way through. Club-friendly house music with a dash of soul is at the center of the release, with some light influence of other electronic genres thrown in there for good measure. More than just a toe-tapper or head-bobber, the theme going on here is exceptional and hits a sweeter and sweeter spot with each passing listen. Taking in the fact that Thomas Xavier is playing a nice handful of shows throughout the year, “Flex Yo Freak,” is drafted with all the right hooks that will make a crowd pop off.

Thomas Xavier keeps the good times going with title track “Good Dome,” ascending the already fun-loving journey to a whole new level. The basslines go to a place where the rest of the world melts away, while the technical aspects act as a vehicle of expression to channel unity and love.

Thomas Xavier’s Good Dome EP released on his very own label Pharaoh Phonix and will certainly be apart of the label event’s he throws in Milwaukee, USA. April 29th is the next show, the series called Pharaoh’s Chamber, where Thomas Xavier features other talent he’s a fan of while showing off his own mixes all on one go.

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