Rubayne Teams Up With EthanUno For Emotional Anthem “Hear Me Now”

Posted by on October 16, 2020

Joining forces together for the third time, power duo Rubayne and EthanUno are back, this time showcasing their talents on emotional gem “Hear Me Now.” The explosive yet intricate song is an ode to a friend of theirs and beloved producer in the community, Folded Dragons

“‘Hear Me Now’ is, for me, more of a moment than a record. It was my way of commemorating and even speaking to my friend Albert Pan, who passed away last year. I owe him a lot musically; as he was a massive inspiration, a hell of a producer, and a great friend. This track is a way of expressing my thank you to him and paying homage to his legacy,” explains EthanUno, while Rubayne adds: “It resembles an ode to a friend who helped and inspired me and many others with his music, knowledge and kindness. In response to his passing, this song shows my appreciation for every soul he brightened.”

“Hear Me Now” is coming to digital platforms via tastemaker label Killabite Media. A soothing atmosphere and washed-out guitar melodies introduce the sonic journey, before a heavenly drop takes over, filled with bright synths, vocal chops and gritty bass undertones. “It hurt to see you go, knowing you will never know everything you did for me. I know that you hear me now,” read EthanUno’s heartfelt lyrics, wrapping up the story on a positive note. 

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