Charles new EP ‘On Trend, hungry & Broke’ is a bold blend of music

Posted by on September 20, 2020

North London based up and coming artist, known simply as Charles, is back with a new EP entitled ‘On Trend, hungry & Broke’. The hybrid release blends together various genres and sounds into 5 tracks, and while it is all over the place it still sounds cohesive and great. Check out a quote via Charles on the project below and stream the project above now!

“I wrote ‘Easy’ for my parents. I wanted to give them a song they could listen to and remind them to chill out. As I got older and experienced my own issues and the stresses of life, it gave me a better understanding of what my parents and most parents go through on a daily. Raising 3 children, money issues, being an interracial couple when it wasn’t fashionable, and just frankly going through things that all adults go through. Life is hard and I wanted to give them a small bit of happiness when the world at times can feel like it has you cornered. Produced by Mathias Boman, ‘Easy’ will take you back to a time of old soul and have you looking forward to better days.