Nicole Chambers Releases Soulful ‘Voice Of A Virgo’ LP

Posted by on September 19, 2020

Introducing a captivating new voice on the R&B and neo-soul scene; the incredible sound of Nicole Chambers, who after embarking on a deeply personal and career-shaping musical journey, is finally ready to reveal her debut album, ‘Voice of a Virgo’. The impressive project is a highlight of the year as far as releases go in my book. A self-proclaimed perfectionist, the Canadian singer-songwriter now feels ready to make her mark on contemporary R&B with a collection of skilled, emotive and honest songs that are a sincere reflection of her. Check out a quote from Chambers below and stream the new LP above now! Enjoy.

I wanted to feel loved by someone who couldn’t fully love me. I was just a temporary void that needed to be filled, and we both knew that. I didn’t want to admit it to myself at the time but I was just a warm body. When I wrote this song in summer ’17, I knew that I was ready to release myself of old patterns and habits, so that I could finally put myself first. Many of us stay in bad situation-ships because we are so afraid of being alone, but that shouldn’t be enough of a reason to invest your energy, your love or your time into someone who refuses to do the same” – NICOLE CHAMBERS