Mokita Finishes “Bad” 3 Years Later and Turns Out Something Special

Posted by on June 20, 2020

‘I actually started bad about 3 years ago. It was a guitar riff I had played around with and then I layered a few other random things and the track kinda stayed the same over the last few years. Most of the song had been done for a while but I just never finished it. So a few months ago I was going through old demos and half finished songs and I heard it and was ‘I gotta just finish this and put it out’. So I kinda just rewrote a few parts and then barely tweaked the production. The song came together super fast and I didn’t really over think it. I did all the vocals in a day and then mixed in the next day and then it was done. I think sometimes as I writer I feel this pressure to always talk about topics that carry a lot of weight, or are going to make an impact on people. With this song I kinda had to remind myself that not everything I put out has have this super deep life altering message. I think that’s why it took me a while to put out because its super simple and lyrically its really straightforward and kinda playful. I think putting it out made me feel the freedom to put out songs I really love even if it means aren’t dealing with a heavy subject.’ – Mokita