Bishop – LIMBO EP

Posted by on May 12, 2020

Bishop Ivy brings all the alt-pop feelings in his new EP, “Limbo.” Starting off with “Ivy Dreams,” Bishop Ivy uses futuristic synth sounds and electronic textures to convey the hardships of growing up and moving on to a new chapter in life. Resembling LANY and HONNE with the sad bedroom pop sounds, many young kids going through the same transition of figuring out what to do after highschool can be felt in this song. His next song “Drag Racing” brings a whole other side of Bishop Ivy to the table. Using similar vocal effects like the greats, Frank Ocean and Bon Iver, he really breaks the boundaries of singing/rapping in this song. Using ambient sound affects and eerie background voices, this song really pushes the limits of defining genres and makes it truly his own. You hear his influence of Hip Hop and Rap in his use of different vocal affects and the hard hitting beat. “Bleeding Too” brings a sadder tone to this EP, where his main instrumental focus is using minor piano chords to convey that “heart broken” sound. He sings about summer ending and wanting to tell someone he loves how he feels. This whole EP really wraps up all the emotions of not knowing what the future holds for someone whose life is just starting, the loved ones you might have to leave behind in that process, and the harsh reality of feeling lonely in this process. “In Spring” really reminds me of a nostalgic love story being recalled by someone who lost someone who was important to them. Bringing in a light, but fun beat to follow along with his memories being sung really makes me think of The Japanese House. Reminiscing on the good memories he has with someone he loves, “In Spring.” Ending with “Clockwork,” Bishop adds acoustic guitars, keyboard pads, and layered vocals making it sound beautiful and sad all at the same time. Towards the end of the song, he uses an artistic amount of autotune and reverb to give the song that “Frank Ocean” sound.