Saturday night is the best day to listen to Runaway Belles’ new single “The Weekend”

Posted by on May 2, 2020

“The Weekend” by Runaway Belles is a song that hit home the moment I heard it. Featuring the exquisite voices of Tash Parker and Emma Anglesey, the duo are also housemates which is convenient in these isolation times. To celebrate their first release, the girls have announced a Facebook livestream set for 8pm every Monday in May. Breathtakingly stunning vocals and flawless harmonies dominate The Weekend, as the girls’ voices unite as one – even their own mothers cannot tell who’s singing. “This song is about that person who you can’t help but be in love with despite knowing it’s never going to work out in the end,” explains Tash. Self-produced with the help of Lachlan Carrick (Sia, Lior), Becki Whitton (Tash Sultana, Huntly) and Josh Barber (Gretta Ray), The Weekend is a timeless and catchy folk pop track. The piano, cello and guitars were recorded in Wally DeBacker’s (AKA Gotye) studio just outside of Melbourne and the vocals were recorded in an 1800s bluestone cottage on the edge of Tasmania’s wilderness. “When we recorded this song we imagined we were sitting around a campfire in a forest with a guitar telling the story. We wanted to capture that intimacy in the verses. In contrast, in the choruses we imagined our voices and music carrying out into the expansive night sky and beautiful surrounding mountains – much like a weekend camping trip where you can forget about the troubles of the week,” says Emma, “and with everything that’s going on in the world right now it feels like a good time to be sharing new music and connecting with people.”