Phraktal’s “Chime” Recreates Classic 90’s House Hit

Posted by on June 22, 2019

Limbo Records is a name that many are familiar with, but maybe not Generation Z music fans just getting into electronic music. The label was legendary is the 90’s when house was in it’s prime. “Chime,” a recreation of Orbital’s hit single from the same era, marks a return of Limbo Records, which now fully operating in the modern music world. “Chime” truly flexes its’ progressive edge, using hypnotic synth rhythms and fluid instrumentation to take the listener on a mind-bending journey that’s all it’s own.

Phraktal are an Ireland based group. Their debut album Why 1 is One and 2 is Two took them touring globally and received critical acclaim. Their second album Nightwalk will come in two parts and will be released in 2019. Phraktal has more surprises coming soon so follow him on socials if you like what he is about.