Jessy Poncho’s Sophomore Single “Blyss” Showcases Multi-Genre Skills

Posted by on June 20, 2019

Riding the success of “Dreamstate,” Jessy Poncho, the recently debuting artist, shows off production skills that show he’s more than are cozy artist name. Both “Dreamstate,” his debut, and newly released “Blyss” showcase the diversity Jessy Poncho is able to jam in a tune, all the while keeping a fluid, easily-listening nature within that fits within a broader dance music mold. Both singles have their own originality they stand on, but contain commonality highlighting the origins of a signature sound.

Jessy Poncho already has tens of thousands of plays across just 2 tracks, his branding and sound hints at an artist who has experience and know-how in-which to get ears on his music. Jessy Poncho is one to watch out for in 2019.