FNT Premiere: Jimmy Right Now Releases Spiritual House Original “All Who Do Not Wander Are Lost”

Posted by on December 3, 2018

Jimmy Right Now takes listeners on a journey through the deeper side of EDM with his EP, All Who Do Not Wander Are Lost. Through the use of ethereal beats, rich basslines, decadent guitar work, and haunting falsettos, the artist paints a sonic landscape of never-ending discovery. Spanning across genres such as house, deep house, techno, IDM, and more, this five-track release is sure to entice fans of either.

The London-based producer, Jimmy Deer, began his career with the Chicago downtempo/trip-hop group, The Baldwin Brothers, finding himself deeper in the city’s music scene. Since then, the artist has loaned his production skills to the realm of film and television, as with Knock Knock and The 60 Yard Line. Going under the moniker Jimmy Right Now on his new imprint, Subcutaneous Records, he asserts himself as a vocalist, producer, and DJ in his own right.

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