EC Twins’ “Always” A Powerful Uplifting Future Bass Single

Posted by on March 10, 2017

EC Twins, originally from Manchester, England have had a long history of blending their roots with infectiously catchy tunes. Their most recent track “Revolution” was picked up by Sony Music and now they’re back to bring their listeners “Always” which is a beautifully crafted record that incorporates a hard hitting drop, but also keeps in line with the arrangement of pop music.

This recipe for an amazing track is unbeatable paired with the uplifting vocals that will have everyone singing along. This will be their second release with label powerhouse Sony Music and is cementing their reputation in bringing high-quality anthems with their own perspective attached. With their last single reaching over 3 million plays, who knows what “Always” will become.

After amassing over 200,000 Facebook followers and creating their own record label “Twin Turbo,” the two have a vast array of inspiration and drive that keep them going. Their tracks throughout time have had insane success ranging from being invited to do a mix series for the world renowned “Marquee Mix Series” in 2013 to their successful mainstream remix to LMAFO’s “Champagne Showers.” Marc and Allister Blackham have been on a roll and don’t seem to be stopping soon.