No Funks Given Release Sweet Remix of “Sour Patch Bounce” For Free

Posted by on May 11, 2016

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No Funks Given is back with their first remix. The California duo put out their take on Tony Sour’s “Sour Patch Bounce” for free today, which is good because you’re going to want it. They turn things up with their eclectic sound that moves between electro and breakbeat. With this remix they bring a bit more of a traditional style, but the duo’s wacky sentiments do seep through, giving the track a fun edge to it. As the lyrics state, “It’s a party in the house,” and that party has started thanks to No Funks Given. In talking with them about this remix, they stated they have some more remixes coming soon, but first you can expect some more original material. For now, enjoy their free remix!

Tony Sour – Sour Patch Bounce (No Funks Given Remix): Free Download

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