Aash Mehta is back with his late night future pop anthem “2AM”

Posted by on October 1, 2015

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Too many artists today get stuck in producing the same sound over and over again, but then there are others who push their limits and challenge themselves in creating something that is fresh and unique. Aash Mehta is definitely of the latter. Combining incredibly catchy vocals, lush synths, and an almost atmospheric vibe, Aash’s new song “2AM” is one that everyone can relate to. In Aash’s own words, “2AM. That’s when things stop…Everything you’ve done that night has been leading up to one defining moment, a moment where you decide to be bold, a moment where you decide to take a chance. This is what this song is about – living in that moment, and not having any regrets.” Check out “2AM” now – I’m warning you though – it will get stuck in your head!

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