Why Dillon Francis’s “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” Album Title Is Nonsense

Posted by on October 21, 2014

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Millionaire DJ Dillon Francis would like you to know he has an album coming out. Not just any album. An album disingenuously titled “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” that he would like you to purchase with your hard earned money. In an interview with Radio.com, Dillon explained the genesis of the title.

When he was stuck on what to call his album, Francis’ manager reminded him of the T-shirt idea. “I called my manager one day, and I was like, ‘I want to make a shirt that says ‘money sucks, friends rule’ in the Warriors font,” he explained during an interview backstage at Coachella 2014, referencing the distinct spray paint font used on the movie poster for the 1979 New York gang war movie, The Warriors. When he was stuck on what to call his album, Francis’ manager reminded him of the T-shirt idea.“I was like, ‘that’s the best title for an album.’ Because I really feel that way. Friends are forever. Money isn’t.”

Think about that for a second. This is coming from a DJ (and the Windish Agency) who commands $40,0000 a show. That’s only $10,000 less than than the median household income according to recent statistics released by CNN. In fact, only 26% of households in the US make $80,000 a year or more. In a matter of a few shows, Dillon can match that figure assuming manager and agent still take their cut. The title is antithetical to the motif that “DJ Rich As F*ck” is attempting to advance to his adoring flock.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m all for artists making money. It’s no secret that it’s extremely hard to make a living being one. The barriers to entry are higher than ever. However, the title should be ridiculed, and ridiculed thoroughly. The joke isn’t on Dillon Francis. It’s on the fans who buy into this nonsense marketing. They’re so blinded by their love of the artist that it robs them of their ability to think critically and be a skeptic. Perhaps that’s asking too much of an “EDM” demographic steeped in rampant idealism and a penchant for low brow progressive house bangers re-packaged to them time and time again.

If Dillon truly believes that money sucks, he should give his album away for free.

Dillon Francis’s “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” is out via Columbia on October 28th.

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  • I totally like this guys music, but I completely agree with this article. The title could have been better for the album. It’s a little ironic that people have to pay for ownership of the song too.

    If he had given it away for free, I feel like he would be making a bigger statement with the album.

  • Ryan Pino

    Pretty shitty article about nothing. Put in the hours to make a full album that bangs and you’ve earned the right to name it what ever the hell you want. The median household income factoid is cute, probably spent a good 15 minutes googling around to pick just the right money statistic to bring up. Surprised you didn’t bring up the poverty line, would’ve been an equally easy line to drop. Why not talk about how he’s beginning to have more and more influence in the community with each track he releases, bigger collaborations & stronger relationships, how this album has the chance to either propel him further outside of the EDM sphere or keep him floating outside the mainstream. Nahh, I’d rather bash on his album title because the fact that he IS making money CLEARLY contradicts the entire purpose of the title, typical hypocrite. If I wanted to choose your tactic I’d take this time to look up artists with seemingly contradictory album titles starting with the search “top 10 albums of 2014” and really just work my way backward. I’d find one and go “AH SEE! OTHER BIG ARTISTS DO IT TOO! Are you really hating on ________ too?” But there too would be a lot of nothing just for the sake of being that guy.

    Gotta give props where props are due and the fact that you’ve chosen to give zero analysis and thoughts on the quality of the album and it’s potential implications tells me you’re not a blogger I’d put the extra effort in to keep tabs on.

  • LOL

    You’re exactly the type of fan that the article critiques.