Parade No 5 – Burnt

Posted by on September 11, 2014

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A few weeks back, we presented to you Parade No 5’s debut single “Outbreak” and I was highly intrigued by their trap meets rap meets electronic combination, and this week the duo is back with “Burnt,” a track they said was inspired by long nights in the Atlanta nightclub scene, aka strip clubs, and once you press play, you’ll know why. There’s a common saying in the industry, that if you want to break a record, you should spin it at a strip club and see how it pans out. Even tracks like “Turn Down For What” received the strip club test treatment, and the girls loved it, so with that said, I’m pretty sure “Burnt” is the right track to have you dancing up and down the pole, or just shake your ass to, whichever is easier! This is a must listen!