Jon Waltz – Home (Southside)

Posted by on August 4, 2014

Jon Waltz has yet to tap the pages of Fresh New Tracks, however, with two incredibly strong releases now under his belt, the time has come. Following up the hard hitting yet crooning, “Video Girl”, Waltz has returned with the slightly more somber, “Home”.

Perhaps it’s the shedding of the Skizzy Mars-esque shell, or perhaps it’s simply his ever growing maturity, but there is an element in Waltz’s new tunes that expose his true star power. Not to say we’ll see an overnight success story, but “Home” is another piece of evidence to show that Waltz’s writing, beat selection, and own identity are all coming to fruition.

It will be an exciting ride for the young kid from Memphis, so buckle up and listen.

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