Point Point Présente Filet Mignon Volume II

Posted by on August 1, 2014

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The Parisian collective Point Point has been captivating everyone’s interest these past months, emerging in Paris’ micro-scene as Porter Robinson would call it, with Aazar, l’Homme aux 4 lettres, Devoted to god, and Nomak creating the music of tomorrow, influencing those who influence you, and so it was only fitting that the guys release the second series of the Filet Mignon mixtape, made popular last year by Alesia. The tape itself showcases the artistic generation of tomorrow, displaying an array of genres, ranging from emo-trap, to glitchy French house, and even straight hip-hop with the presence of Lousiana MC Joe Fnkoo, which is safe to say, the curation is spot on, or better yet, on point, no pun intended. Having had this mixtape on repeat for the past 24 hours, I’ve never found myself more intrigued by a project than this one, it’s truly a wonderful collective of art, feels, sounds, risks, and passion, which you can twerk to, drive to, jump to, fuck to, do whatever you want to. This is Filet Mignon II, the finest cut!

Free Download: Point Point Présente Filet Mignon Volume II