Christopher Blake feat. Jenny Karr – White Nights

Posted by on June 24, 2014

There are times when I come across a song and for a number of possible reasons, it makes me suspicious. When an individual by the name of Kathy dropped a link to a song in our chat box advertising it, in broken english, as the “song of tomorrorland”, I was expecting to be disappointed once I heard it and come back after my listen to delete the link, like I do all the submissions people put in the chat box. I actually really enjoyed the song however, and there was a pretty young lady dancing in the music video which just added to the enjoyment. After some in depth research, five or so minutes, I found that the producer of this song, Christopher Blake, not only doesn’t have a Soundcloud account, but judging by his Facebook page that was created less than a month ago, this is his first song. I am currently writing this on a Monday night, the scariest of nights, and this story only gets freakier. This song is the first single for the label behind the track, devilfish records. They have not released anything prior.


Even though this whole situation is extremely suspicious, the song is awesome. I even bought it on Beatport, something I never do, except for sometimes. If anyone has any more information on this, feel free to let me know. Until then, you can grab the song from the Beatport link below.

Beatport: Christopher Blake feat. Jenny Karr – White Nights

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