Metro Zu – Buddha Therapy

Posted by on December 11, 2013

So I had to do some digging for this one but Grooveshark luckily had the stream embed so you all get to listen to this totally underrated but F$%^&* dope song that I feel needs some more attention. If you haven’t heard of them, Metro Zu is the epitome of underground culture. In the game for about 6 years now, the group is formed up of the intermissional art clan of RubenSlikk aka King Astro Slikk the Magnificent, Mr B the Poshstronaut, Freebase aka KingBaseRok, and Lofty 305. They are bringing about the next generation of Cyberpunk Funk and have been slowly gaining momentum. When not creating music, visual art, film, and literature frantically, the Metro Zu can usually be found macking females in abundance and causing chaotic disturbances in the universe.

buddha therapy by metro zu on Grooveshark

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