HIs Majesty Andre – Hymn (Tim Gunter remix)

Posted by on September 19, 2013


The only thing missing from this brand new jam by Tim Gunter, is a “damn son, where’d you find this one” tag in the beginning of the song. Taking a song with a lot of groove and rythmn, Tim decided to go a little slap-happy with the bass and boy does it sound good. Tim had a little something to say about this song:

I recently came across His Majesty Andre’s stuff via Pandora and his track “Hymn” really caught my ear. Hymn is a Daft Punk-esque (think One More Time) jam that uses a sampled orchestra, chopped vocals samples, and a driving bassline to get the listener moving. I come from a hip-hop background so I decided to speed the track up and give it a dirty south hip hop feel with 808 drums, chopped samples and lots of bass. I even added a sweet guitar solo at the end, just for kicks.

Make sure to download this and all of Tim’s other tracks, they’re meant for your weekends.

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