Kim Cesarion – Undressed (Tjernberg Bootleg) + B3TA and Callaway & Rosta remixes

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Ever since this track was previewed 20 days ago, I have been eagerly awaiting its release. So much so, that I scoured soundcloud for any other remix of this song to see if there were any that could satisfy me until I could finally download Tjernberg’s remix. The answer to that is there was, and I have also included those after the break if you want to see for yourself which one you like best. Kim Cesarion is an amazing singer from the land of Sweden, which explains why you nor I had heard of him before and why pretty much everyone who remixed this is also Swedish. Tjernberg provided the perfect instrumental to compliment the superb vocals and even though it is pretty much a pop song, I still find it very enjoyable. Free download below and if you want to hear a couple of other great remixes of this song then click past the break.

Free Download: Kim Cesarion – Undressed (Tjernberg Bootleg)

I have searched for a minute or two and it appears as though the Callaway & Rosta remix is official and was only released in Sweden. So, unless you live in Sweden, which you don’t, then it looks like there is no way of getting a copy of this remix. It’s too bad really, seeing as how Tjernberg’s remix is only slightly better than this one (in my opinion of course). In any case, this progressive remix is still definitely worth a listen.

B3TA’s remix is my least favorite of the three, but that’s only because the other two are so good. This one meets the other two halfway in being not as poppy as Tjernberg’s, yet not as progressive as Callaway & Rosta’s.

Free Download: Kim Cesarion – Undressed (B3TA Remix)

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