Paris & Simo @ Lavo NYC 7/27/13 (Review)

Posted by on August 6, 2013

Paris & Simo LAvo NYC

Anybody familiar with high-end nightlife in NYC, knows Lavo and its reputation for an incredibly strict door, good-looking patrons, over-priced drinks and top-line DJs. There are plenty of places in NYC with the first three, but few have added the last one to their repertoire.

On this particular night, I was a bit sluggish from getting home from a rather aggressive night of drinking with Moiez the night before, thus I was hoping Paris & Simo would bring it to keep me going. After quickly crushing a Red Bull at a nearby Duane Reed, a walked down the familiar block of 58th in between Park & Madison, seeing drunk dudes and chicks spilling out of cabs and town cars, yelling at each other as if their hearing was already gone before they made their way into the proper line. Navigating the line is an art, pushing your way through entitled VIPs and b-rate models, just hoping to be seen by somebody, it is your job to be noticed in the mixture of plastic…. and plastic.

Once inside, the familiar sounds, sights and smells of Lavo NYC came back immediately. I arrived to hear the opening DJ play his last song; some crowd pleaser Girls in very high heels were slowly maneuvering their way down the stairs and the club was mostly filled at this point with the tables occupied by those plastic carrying VIPs the club relies on so heavily.

The small, centered dance floor had its patrons going once Paris & Simo took over the decks around 1am. Knowing to play to the crowd, they mixed in with a few crowd pleasers, but also made sure to draw from their expansive recent discography. Whether it was “Escape” with 3LAU, “Tundra“, “Chaa” or “Cairo”, they made sure to play their tracks that were sure to go off. They are also prolific bootleggers, which became apparent in their set, making it more interesting to combine more well-known tracks together and add vocals that allowed for the crowd to sing-a-long, in between swigs from their overpriced drinks.

Paris & Simo relinquished control of the DJ booth a little after 3am, and it being a Saturday night, the crowd thinned little. Paris & Simo have been producing like mad in the months leading up to the summer and it shows with what they are releasing now. Their set was what the doctor ordered, and then some, proving their skills behind the decks and notably showcasing their talents as producers. If you missed them, fret not New York, they will be back on Saturday, August 24th with Robbie Rivera & co. at Governor’s Island. You can purchase tickets here.

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